The Guardian (Review & Giveaway!)

The Guardian (Review & Giveaway!)

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Title: The Guardian

Author: Lydia Rodriguez-Clement

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Published Date: April 3rd 2014

Rating: 3.5 stars

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Synopsis: THE GUARDIAN is a story about
how Sarah’s spiritual beliefs are reaffirmed when the existence of Angels and
Demons are horrifically revealed. Never had she dreamt that her mundane life
would be caught in not only a struggle to stay alive in this clash of worlds,
but also in a sadistic plan by the Dark Angels to lure Jacob, her own Guardian,
to fall.

Review: The
Guardian is a book about an angel who falls in love with a human being. As well
as that, the thoughts of want and jealousy could cause Jacob, the angel to fall
and become a fallen angel. At the same time the Fallen Angels are stirring
again, preparing for a large attack. Jacob and his band of angels prepare to fend
off the coming attack, and yet, will Sarah, a human he has fallen for become a

I liked about this story was the idea of the angel. I haven’t read many books
that include angels and this one had a unique view of them. The abilities that
they had made them stronger, older and were interesting to see gradually
released to us.

book promises a clean romance, and that is what we get! I am happy to read
books like this, but then I found the romance to be a little bit too clean. Sarah is over twenty years
old and yet when there is a guy in her room the door needs to be open, and also
when she visits Jacob’s flat unattended she then has to see the priest
afterwards. I found this to be a crazy amount of supervision, and I will admit
it put me off a bit.
for the plot, it was very well done! There were some moments where it got a bit
slow, but otherwise the action was good and the final fight was brilliant! The
book ends on a huge cliffhanger so I really hope Lydia writes the sequel
quickly so I can keep reading more of their story!

have decided to rate this book 3.5 stars and would recommend this book for all
those who like angels in their stories, clean romances and a bit of action too.
Author Bio: Lydia Rodriguez-Clement, a native Texan, grew up in the beautiful city of San Antonio where this story takes place, and where she attended a local college and university. It was in high school, however, where she was told she had a flare for writing, and decided many years later to persue this noble art. She has been married for 19 years, and has five children and two dogs. Her family life keeps her very busy, but after surviving Leukemia with the help of God, family and friends, she followed her life long dream to continue writing.

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