Byronic (Review & Giveaway!)

Byronic (Review & Giveaway!)

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Title: Byronic
Author:  Sandi Beth Jones
Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Published Date: 24th June 2014
Rating: 4 stars

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Synopsis:  When the creatures in her dark drawings come
to life, Chelsea finds that the mysterious Geoff is the only person she can
confide in. But she can’t help wondering who she’s kissing: her tender
confidant or the dangerous Byronic rebel bent on shocking his detached father. Starting
over in the South Carolina Low country is just what sixteen-year-old Chelsea
needs. Unfortunately, moving also means living with her mom’s snobbish British
novelist employer and his moody son Geoffrey. Troubled and reckless after his
brother’s mysterious death, Geoff often mimics his father’s literary favorite,
Lord Byron, acting “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” Knowing that
her new home likely used to be a slave holding plantation doesn’t make Chelsea
feel any more at home. Chelsea buries herself in her art, though the darkness
of her drawings troubles her and others who see them. When people in the Gullah
and Geechee community point out that she has been drawing Boo Hags and haints –
powerful and terrifying creatures of local legend and superstition- she starts
to wonder about her own heritage and her connection to the Sea Islands. She
begins to question her own grasp on reality when it seems those creatures start
making their way out of her drawings and into real life. It’s clear that Geoff
has some secrets of his own, but he might be the only person she can confide
in. Chelsea must decide who she can trust, when nothing in the Low country is
what it seems.

Review: I will admit, I didn’t start this story with
incredibly high hopes. I thought it was going to be an okay read, but I turned
out to enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would.

I do believe it is hard to make books creepy. There are a
few books that do it for me like Dying for a Living by Kory M. Shrum and some
others, but it is something hard to bring across in a book. But this book, this
introduced me to haints and boo hags – ghosts and ghouls I had never heard of
before. As well as that, it was just plain creepy! You could never tell what
the creatures would do next and when Chelsea’s friend goes missing and she understands
something about her drawings it became nicely creepy.

I couldn’t stop reading!

I loved Chelsea as a main character. She had just the
amount of attitude needed, and she was a good girl but she knew when to go
about doing her own thing and she always chose the logical action to what she
wanted to do. An artist, she admires the scenery around her, and is a good
friend to have. She sounded like someone I would like to be friends with, and
that made me happy.

Geoffrey was a good love interest, and I liked the fact
that his mood was constantly changing so Chelsea was often confused about where
they were; friends, more or not friends at all? I felt like the feelings that
sprang between them happened a bit fast and I was surprised when that element
was thrown in so early, but otherwise it was all good. Another character that
has earned a worthy mention is Lewis. Geoff’s best friend and a character
written beautifully.

But don’t think this book is all about the creepiness.
There are underlying themes of friendship, betrayal and family as well.
Chelsea’s parents are divorced and her father also has schizophrenia, even if
he doesn’t live with them anymore. It was interesting to see the parts where
that was brought up.

I can’t wait to read the sequel of this book!

Author Bio: Sandi is the author of young adult and adult romance. She’s worked with books for the past twenty years, first as a bookseller, then as a library media specialist and teacher. She lives on a river in the Ozarks, hoards antique books, and travels to places off the beaten path. She’s also the proud mother of two grown sons. When not writing, she enjoys cooking for her husband and playing the servant to one grumpy old tomcat.

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