Role Models – Dead Poets Society 5/5

Role Models – Dead Poets Society 5/5

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I hope you are excited, because today will be our final
and concluding post about Dead Poets Society (I know, I know, it took me a while to get this last post up…) We’ve talked about seizing ourdays, conformity, the importance of poetry as well as perspective. And today,
we are going to talk about role models.

When people hear the title Dead Poets Society, they think
of the most famous quote: Oh Captain, my Captain! I think everyone should take a moment to deviate from this post and go read the
poem the movie talks about so often.

And now, I am going to relate it to role models. Everyone
these days seems to have a role model, someone they are striving to be like or
they trust enough to take advice from. In the case of this movie, the role model came in the form of an English teacher who taught them how to live. But for
some it could be singer, a model, a friend, a parent… the choices are endless.

Some people believe having a role model is a bad idea
because that person could let you down. Some believe it is safest to have a
role model who is historical or simply dead because they can’t make mistakes to
make you disrespect them. Some don’t have role models as well, but they usually
have an image of likeness to someone or something that they are striving after.

Be careful who you choose as your role model. Are they
really good for you? Or should you try to be yourself more? You’re the only one
who can answer this.

As for me, my role model is Jesus, and I really couldn’t
try to be like anyone else.
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Olivia’s Catastrophe: Who is your role model? Why?

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