Christmas Haul!

Christmas Haul!

Hi guys!

It is so good to be back and blogging. After taking a break from blogging (well, a forced one, I had very limited wifi) due to being in England for the holidays with family, I am back! I don’t usually do hauls, but this Christmas I got some nice gifts and then we hit the boxing day sales, so I wanted to share! Hope this is interesting enough ^^

In the boxing day sales I cam across a Models Own booth! Being the nail polish crazy person I am, and seeing them for only three pounds each, I bought myself some. I love them, and three of the four are gel. A buffer was a freebie ^^ο»Ώ


Got these lovely books! Anna and the French Kiss was a trilogy I have heard a lot of good things about and can’t wait to start. I’d Say I Loved You but Then I Would Have to Kill You is a book a friend recommended to me, and looks pretty cool. There have been a lot of positive reviews buzzing around The Winner’s Curse, especially as the latest book came out, so I am excited to try that! Cinder is the oldest book on my TBR, and I somehow already own Cress, so I got the first two! And Richelle Mead’s book was only for a pound, and even though that book is in the middle of a series I decided to get it so I can buy the rest later. I have heard a lot of positive things about that author!


Finally moving on to Supernatural season 2. I don’t know why it takes me so long to watch seasons. Oh, and Luther is amazing πŸ˜€


I really would love to call myself a Marvel fan, but I just can’t because I need to watch more of their movies! So here are the Captain America ones to get me started. And I was rewatching The Avengers yesterday… such a funny movie ^.^


I absolutely LOVE this movie, so the soundtrack… it just had to happen.


Cute earrings!



This lovely nails set came from a friend for Christmas. Between this and the Models Own, I will have some lovely nails!
Meh, clothes are boring to include, But this is just a vague idea of the clothes I got πŸ˜›


And two books for review arrived while I was away! I think the cover of For a Fee of 2 Shillings is gorgeous, and the Beckoning of Gyanganj looks like it will be good book.
So now I am preparing things for the blog in January, dealing with the schoolwork that needs to be done and enjoying the rest of the holidays. Looking forward to getting back into those regular posts πŸ™‚
Olivia’s Question: How was your Christmas?
Olivia-Savannah xο»Ώ

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