Walled (Blog Tour & Giveaway!)

Walled (Blog Tour & Giveaway!)

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Title: Walled (The Line #2)
Author:  Anne Tibbets
Publisher:  Carina Press  
Published Date:  1st
December 2014

Rating: 5 Stars


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Carrier, book one in the series here.

Synopsis: Freedom means making brutal

Rebel lovers Naya and Ric have survived
one year in hiding, raising Naya’s twins from infants to toddlers in the shadow
of the brutal Auberge dictatorship. They’re alive, and they’re together, but
the city is crumbling around them and the haunting memory of Naya’s dark days
on The Line have never fully left them. Living in isolation won’t be an option

When a mysterious revolutionary seeks
their help to infiltrate Auberge’s electronic heart and shut it down, it’s an
opportunity—it’s risky, yes, but if it works they’ll get out of the city and
taste freedom for the first time. Naya needs this. They need this.

Beyond the broken walls of Auberge, Naya
and Ric find the paradise they’ve always longed for. But with anarchy reigning
and Naya’s children lost amidst the chaos, they’ll need to forfeit their
post-apocalyptic Eden…or commit an unspeakable act.

Review: When I read this I didn’t even
know it was the last in this series. And if it was possible for Anne Tibbets to
write a book that was better than the first one, then she did it. This book
literally blew me away.

In this book we
return to our favourite characters from the previous book: Naya and Ric. Shirel
also makes a reappearance along with Sonya. In this book Sonya is determined
not to let Auberge rebuild everything they set out and paid so much to destroy
before. Naya is more hesitant this time seeing as her twins have been born and
she has other people to fend for other than herself.

Me throughout the whole book.
In this sequel I
felt like the romance was a bigger part of the story and we get to see more of
the new adult in the dystopia. This isn’t suitable for young readers because
the intimate scenes are pretty descriptive so that is something to bear in
mind. But this is one of the themes I really liked reading about. Seeing as we
learn about Naya’s situation with forced prostitution in the previous book it
was interesting to see how she was overcoming or even not overcoming it. And it
was also interesting to see how her love, Ric, was dealing with it as well. I
think seeing things from his point of view and how he coped with it was even

The plot kept me
captivated to the point as to where I wouldn’t stop reading until I reached the
ending. I don’t want to give anything away for the first book as well, but this
one was less about The Line but more so about Auberge as a whole and getting
somewhere they couldn’t reach them. What drove Naya most of all was her
children and the fact that she was doing it all for them.

The suspense was
amazing, the setting was well done and I enjoyed every word of this novel. It
was such a shame to see the series ending, and that only happens with the best
of the best. I am looking forward to reading more books by Anne Tibbets, and I
can say she now one of my favourite authors.


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