There’s a House in the Land (DNF)

There’s a House in the Land (DNF)

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There’s a House in the Land
Author:  Shaun
D. Mullen
Publisher:  Fishy Business Press
Published Date:  7th August
Rating: DNF

*Thank you to the author for the review copy*

Synopsis: A character in the “Doonesbury”
comic strip once called the 1970s “A kidney stone of a decade,’ and
compared to the 1960s and 1970s it was. It also was a time of bad hair and bad
music, but none of this mattered to the mutant tribe who lived on a farm in
Philadelphia’s far western suburbs that at first glance would seem to have been
one of the communes ubiquitous during that era but most definitely was not.
“There’s a House In The Land” is the story of that tribe, that farm
and an extraordinarily magical time.

Review: I just
couldn’t get into this book. All the time I wasn’t liking it, I still persisted
because I had been sent a paperback copy for review and wanted to make the most
of it. Then came the promise of Bob Marley, but once I knew he arrived on the
farm a day when no one was there, that was it. I couldn’t read anymore. I DNFed
at page 208 out of 284.

I will give you the main reasons I didn’t like this book
in a list (because the book was also kind of listy.)

The List. The book was like one huge list! It
started off by listing the characters, then listing all the setting scenes,
then all the dogs names, then all the things that happened in one day. It was
like a huge list to me, and reading lists is boring.

It was written in third person. We had a main
character but the chapters were rarely about what he was doing and more so
about the others. A first person voice could’ve helped that, but well, the main
character wasn’t anyone special or unique. He was kinda… boring.

There needed to be more emotion in this book. I
wasn’t feeling anything for anyone.

Bottom line was that I was bored. There was even a
promise of a band but I didn’t really get to see much of a band? That might
come in the later pages though. I just feel like it should’ve been there
earlier because that’s in the title as well.

Olivia’s Question: Do you like making lists?

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