50/50 (Movie Review)

50/50 (Movie Review)

Hello folks!

Today I’m going to tell you about this movie called
50/50 released in 2011. It has a really great actor in it who I love called
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It also helps that he’s absolutely gorgeous good
at convincing me of whatever role he’s playing  ;)For some reason I thought this film was
something totally different when I picked it up and bought it, but I’m still so
glad I did.

The idea of the movie is as follows. Adam is just a
normal every day guy when he goes to the doctors to see if they can help solve
his back problems he’s been feeling. To his surprise his doctor tells him he
has a rare form of spinal cancer. His best friend, mother and the therapist he
starts seeing help him through the sudden change in his life. Throughout the
movie Adam learns what he really needs in life, and what isn’t so important.

There are also some other great actors/actresses here
that I don’t just because of the added bonus of their appearance ^^ Anna
Kendrick is starred as Adam’s therapist, and she’s another actress I am a BIG
fan of. There is also Seth Rogen who I didn’t know as an actor before this.
What I liked about this film so much was that it told the cancer story in
another way. You get films to letters to God where all your mates end up
crying, and books like The Fault in Our Stars, but then this films brings
cancer into the life of an average party life adult guy. I had never seen that
angle of it and how he and the people around him dealt with it. I thought it
was really realistic and it was also super sad, but then meaningful :’) I loved
it. It wasn’t all sad though, there was some light moments in it too.
I think the best thing about this film was that even though the main character was diagnosed, he still wanted to live his everyday life and be as active as he used to be. He didn’t want his illness to dominate his life, and the more it seeped in the more he struggled to cope.

The film was directed by Jonathan Levine who also
directed Warm Bodies (a movie I have yet to see). The film itself is rated a
12, and it runs for about 96 minutes. I loved this film so much, I would
probably give it five stars 😀

Olivia’s Question: Have you donated to Cancer Research

Olivia-Savannah x

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