Kolchae (Book Review &Giveaway!)

Kolchae (Book Review &Giveaway!)

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Kolchae (#2 in Annals of Lusiartha trilogy)
Author:  R.
Ann Humphries
Publisher:  29 Palms Publishing LLC
Published Date: 15th December 2014
Rating: 4 stars


Synopsis: Lusiartha
is at war. The Sovereign is moving his Regiment in full force against the
Siarthens, targeting Rilan and his fellow kolchae.

Supplies in the underground base grow
limited, spirits are low, and tensions grow between Rilan and Noril.

When a kolcha is captured during a
desperate Setu raid, Rilan must choose between his responsibilities as the
rebel leader, and his loyalty to his friends.

The fate of a nation hangs in the
balance, but is Rilan strong enough to sacrifice his friends to save Lusiartha?

I was originally going to give this book a rating of three
stars, but by the time I got to the ending I knew I would have to raise it to
four. Why is that? Well, it’s because this book is so clever.

I liked the second half of the book
more than the first. But I also liked this book more than the last one, and
that is because I found the writing style was better and it was easier for me
to connect to the characters. The beginning of the book tries up any loose ends
from the previous book and moves on. There was a lot of character development
in this story (gotta love that πŸ˜‰ ) and a lot of war as well. At times I felt
like there was a bit too much war. But then again, it was supposed to be the
main plot.

In a way I wished this book had a
different point of view and was read as one of the other Kolchae. But then
again, I also didn’t want that because Rilan had so much to offer in this book.

Now, let me tell you why this book was
so clever. Even though we are in a completely
different world from our own and the situation and circumstances are different,
I felt like there were a lot of themes we could connect to and should think
about. There was the theme of slavery and war, and how those two things can change
people and their principles. There was the theme of friendship and love, which
is a common one. Another was mixing cultures and then there was also the theme
of racism, seeing as in their world all there is is black and white, but that
might change now.

This book is not for the faint hearted
either. As I was hearing about the results of torture I was cringing inwardly
because that must have hurt.
So be prepared for that. Also, what I loved was that although a war was going
on on the surface, there was also the struggle between powers – the war
commander versus the leader of the people. It was a good addition to the story.

There was a pretty big plot twist in this novel which has
set up what might be a good book for the final one in this trilogy! And the
cliffhanger ending helped with that. I cannot wait to read the final book in
this series.
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Olivia’s Question: What themes do you like reading about
in a novel?

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