Love Least Expected (Review)

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Title: Love Least Expected
Authors: Meredith Bond,
Aubrey Wynne, Valerie Twombly, Kris Calvart, Katie Stephens, Nessie Strange,
Kishan Paul, Isabella Harper and Michaela Miles
Publisher:  Valerie Twombly

Published Date: 3rd
February 2015
Rating: 3.4 Stars

*Thank you to the authors for the
review copy*

Synopsis: When love drops in unexpected,
the strangest things can happen. Nine short stories from sweet to sultry, full
of romance, magic and love from award winning and USA Today recommended

Review: So, in anticipation of Valentine’s Day I day I have
picked up a more romantic read! It’s a bit weird to review though, because it
was a collection of short stories and excerpts of longer novels… and it is hard
to peg a rating on them as a whole! So the rating above is an average score,
and now I will write a few sentences about each story individually.

Under the Mango Tree

This was a pretty simplistic story. The characters were
simple and the storyline was too. It was about arranged marriage and was a
historical fiction. I wanted more of the Indian feel too it (India was where it
was set.) 3 stars.

Rolf’s Request

This was a pretty good fantasy, but this is a hard genre
to have as a short story. I wanted more world building in it. There was a hint
at insta love and a very little love triangle. But I did like Melissa’s courage
here. 3 stars

Fall into Darkness


Loved it! Just loved it! I loved the angels that were
included, the characters were brilliant and there was a great explanation of
everything even though this was purely an excerpt. There is some language and
explicit scenes though. Well written. 5 stars.

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo.

In here the roles were reversed: it was the girl who
wanted a one night stand and the guy who was looking for commitment. I was
okay, but pretty much purely an explicit scene with some hint of building
characters through hints of difficult lives. 4 stars.

Alphabetical Disorder

I’m sorry, but I thought this story was ridiculous. I
thought the idea was silly and not well explained. And the explicit scene at
the end was completely unnecessary and added nothing to the story. 2 stars.

Love’s Not Viral

This was a pretty crazy and unrealistic story plot, but I
still loved it. I think the characters were the best bit, and simply how
entertaining the story was itself. A bit of language. Aster was not my kind of
girl, with her tattoos and piercings, but I loved her anyway. 5 stars.

Taking the Plunge

Such a sweet story, but dealing with some pretty serious
themes here, such as bullying, death, cancer and addiction. The characters were
well done and realistic and I want to read more of this story! 5 stars.

The Trouble With Never

There was a divorce theme. Nice, clean romance and loved
the characters. I see a lot of development in store for them and this was just
the beginning of it. 5 stars.

Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate

I thought this story was a bit unrealistic and had a too
good to be true ending to it, but I liked it nicely enough. There isn’t much for
me to say, but it was a nice story to sum this collection up. 4 stars.

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