Nailpolish Haul!

Nailpolish Haul!

Morning everyone!

Back when I was in Portugal my older sisters managed to find a shop that sold nail polish at a price of a euro each! Naturally I jumped on this deal and bought five of my own colours. I wanted to share with you what they were like! I don’t think I took pictures of me wearing the purple, so you shall have to bear with.

This was the pale pink colour that was almost like a beige. Because I currently don’t have any white nail polish, when it comes to designs I think this will have to be my substitute!

I was really happy with this blue because it was an XXL and still the same price! Sky blue looks really good to me 🙂

The green looked different than I expected on my nails and I don’t think it would work very well for designs, but as it’s own colour I suppose it’s okay. It was just a pretty weird shade of dark green :/
You can never go wrong with pink 😛
Olivia’s Question: Are you someone who wears a lot of nail polish?
Olivia-Savannah x


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