Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Romeo & Juliet

Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Romeo & Juliet

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Today I wanted to write about my love/hate relationship
with Romeo and Juliet due to approaching Valentine’s Day! I studied
it in English two years ago, and it was pretty fun to do. We also had an awesome
teacher, which helped a lot. But why do I love it and hate it at the same time?

Hate: I really
don’t like the idea of love on first sight. The two meet each other and from a
look they are suddenly in love without really knowing anything about each other
and what they have done in the past. Which, always seems a bit iffy to me. I
may have been all for this idea when I was younger, but not anymore xD I also
don’t like the idea that after three days of knowing each other they are ready
to die for each other? Yes, it adds tragedy to the tale, and yes, some people
do tell me this is supposed to be a warning
tale so therefore it does a good job of sending it off in a warning. But in
my mind’s eye, it is two people who don’t really know each other too well and
already are prepared to die for each other. Is that true love? Or just taking
things wayyyyy to fast?

Love: Oh my
goodness this book is SO beautifully written. Really, it is the best writing
style I have perhaps ever read. And the language flows so well and sounds so
poetic when you read it. As for the quotes and passages they pull out of this
play… well, it’s all be earned. Shakespeare truly did a good job of writing
this and I can’t imagine it being put any other way. I’m going to share some of
my favourite quotes from the play below.


Hate or love the

I have seen quite a lot of the Romeo and Juliet film
adaptions. Firstly, let me say my favourite musical ever is High School
I mean, West Side Story! And now that is one that is purely based
off Romeo and Juliet but is beautiful all the same and I advise you see it!

There is a more modern day adaption featuring a young
Leonardo Di Caprio in it. I did like the beginning but really, I didn’t enjoy
that movie that much. It wasn’t anything to spectacular and I felt kind of meh
watching it.

I watched the BBC version which is a bit old fashioned
and not really for me either. Again… meh. The acting was not very good and in general it was very bad, in my opinion was the quality was bad as well. :/

But my all time favourite version which does a great job
of portraying this wonderful/terrible play and also has the perfect characters playing
each role is the one directed by Franco Zeffirelli, released in 1968.

I have yet to see the 2013 version though, and will let
you know what I thought when I see it!

Olivia’s Question: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Olivia-Savannah x

36 thoughts on “Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Romeo & Juliet”

  • I never understood the whole fuzzy love for Romeo and Juliet. It's true during the play was written love at first sight was characteristic in literature; it was a very normal thing to do and it was what readers expected. What I think has kept Romeo and Juliet alive today is not the instalove but rather the forbidden love topic around it and the tragic aftermath. That being said, I don't believe in instalove; I mean, how can you fall in love that quickly? It takes time. However, we don't have to misunderstood instalove with insta-attraction (I don't even know that is a word) because you can feel attracted to someone right away! That means you're in love? NO

    • You make a lot of fair points here Noelia! I think it is insta attraction, but doesn't mean we fall in love right away. As for the tragic aftermath, I think that makes sense as well. Catastrophic book endings are still popular today, and everyone loves a forbidden love story.

  • I agree with your viewpoint.

    Love at first sight seems more lust than love, but I also think a lot of people believe in it is because they see a person who looks amazing, maybe on the inside too and they think it's the person they've been waiting for. It's kind of fairy tale unrealistic though.. Great post!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  • I think love at first sight is more like attraction and lust..where you feel a connection and it stems from nature and mating to produce offspring. Remeber all of those natural channel shows with animals courting..yep

  • I never liked Shakespeare much, but I haven't looked at it in years because I was forced to memorize it at a too young of age and it, ah, didn't work out. xD Perhaps I'll take another look. :3 Maybeee read this one.

    I love the new look, Livvy. Very purdyy <3

  • I have to admit that the Baz Luhrman one is my favourite, I just absolutely love that movie. I think it's stunning! I haven't seen the one you mentioned as your favourite, so I will have to try and find a copy of that somewhere. I LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGN! I've gotten so behind on blogging that I've managed to not see it till now!

  • There are books with far better love stories than Romeo and Juliet but I guess it appeals to us more because of the tragedy of this young love that's so rare. Their love is so intense that it did not hesitate to follow death. And I think we all love something we hate a bit. Thanks for sharing your opinion. 🙂

  • I never got the love at first sight either… I mean… wasn't Romeo in love with another just a few days before meeting Juliet? But then again they were teenagers so that might explain it.

    But I still love Romeo and Juliet because I find it so much more than the simple star-crossed lovers story. It's about doing what you want and what your family wants from you and so much more.
    Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/

  • Two lovers, kept apart by outside forces. Romeo & Juliet is definitely the best use of that type of conflict. And it's interesting just how powerful those forces can be. I think every teenager who ever dated a boy her parents didn't like can relate to that plot device!

  • I think love at first sight is real. I have yet to experience 'true love', but love at first sight…been there, done that.

  • I have once seen a Romeo and Julliet movie adaptions, but have never read the book. I did like the film in general, but I agree with your points concerning love at first sight and how soon it goes. Although I have to say in the movie I wans't conscious it had only been 3 days.

    • Yeah, I think most film adaptions kind of tweak the time differences. I don't mind the timing too much – I think that's an area where we have to stretch our belief when it comes to Shakespeare in general. But I don't like the instalove.

  • I haven't completely read all of Romeo and Juliette, but I feel the same way as you about it!

    I do believe that love at first sight does/can happen. Sometimes you see them and you just know that they are the one for you (so sweet)! But then you get to know them! And you take your time! You don't act stupidly and get married after a small amount of time! A lot of love at first sight that happens in books, though, is completely annoying and ridiculous and makes me mad! I actually wrote a post on the The 7 Types of Insta Love Thursday, if you want to see my more complete feelings!

  • I, too, have a love/hate relationship with Romeo and Juliet. It was the first play I was in, and it introduced me to Shakespeare's work. But like you, I'm always troubled by the love at first sight and willingness to die for someone you hardly know. But the beautiful writing sucked me in. I'm now happily addicted to his works and try to reread them as much as I can!

  • I haven't read Romeo and Juliet in ages. I had a really good English teacher who helped bring Shakespeare to life. I saw the movie version with Leonardo and I did like it. I don't remember seeing any of the other versions, so I just definitely check out the one you recommend. I am not into instalove- but I don't remember having a problem with it when I first read the book. 🙂

    Loved your post!

  • I'm yet to read Romeo and Juliet. Something just doesn't make me want to lol. I know the story though and watched some of the movies. I'm not team Love at First Sight, but this is Shakespeare writing. I guess we should take in the time he wrote it and the kind of audience. Him and maybe the audience too, loved the idea. Love at first sight is a reappearing theme in his plays. As You like it for instance.
    His language <3 I studied As You Like It and loved it. My teacher was awesome too. We really experienced Shakespeare because of her. His language, the references <3

    • I do think taking the audience into consideration does make sense, because they would've loved something like that. But it doesn't really work for me though xD

      But the language on the other hand… I loved all of it and every word <3 I would even read the play again just for that.

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