Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Social Media Fails

Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Social Media Fails

Morning everyone!

First of all I want to say a huge thanks to everyone on Pinterest who is following me! You people have made this month definitely the best when it comes to my activity on there, and I love how many people are contributing to my group board. 900 followers is amazing!

Here comes another discussion post! Social media is a very important part of daily life nowadays – almost everyone is on it. It’s a way to stay connected, discover awesome things and share your own with the world as well. And even though one person can’t be on all of the sites all of the time, there are just some I really can’t do…


Before I made my blog, I wanted to make a tumblr because I had heard everyone go on and on about it. To this day, there is an empty account with my name on it something with zero things posted. Nothing at all. I honestly couldn’t find my way around the site, and even though people do run blogs on it I am still clueless as to how. :/


This is something a lot of my friends have, and it looks pretty cool if I am honest. Sharing photos and all that. But… it makes me think of Flickr and the fact that I already have pictures on Facebook, and even though I have been told multiple times that it is different, I just don’t understand and not something I will be getting soon.


Another thing based off pictures you say? Yes, but this works on phones and they have cool caption options as well. I actually like the looks of this, but the reason I don’t have it you will see in a bit.


I do have this one. And I think it is really handy because it is how I keep in contact with friends who have moved away and see what they are up to. But I just have trouble with it because I can never be bothered to go online. It’s just hard for me to remember. My cover photo is from two Christmas’s ago, even 😛


And this is the reason why I don’t have snapchat. I am just terrible at working my phone in general. I just find it hard to text with such little screens and for some reason I never have enough phone credit to do anything. I top it up and then BAM it’s gone xD So basically my phone is just for listening to music xD

Olivia’s Question: Is there a social media site that you just can’t grasp?

Olivia-Savannah x

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  • Social Media is, like, my main thing-o now. I'm so in tuned with it that I don't know what I would do without them. It's where I express myself, where I connect with others, and promote content. I mainly use Facebook, Twitter (!!!), Instagram, and of course, Goodreads (the best way to connect to readers, esp. if you have a book blog!)

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • Of course there is good Goodreads. For us book bloggers it is the main way to connect, although I weill always be a Shelfari baby <3 I think that social media is so great for connecting and expressing ourselves as well.

  • Hi Olivia, I totally get you what you mean about Tumblr, I really cannot figure it out! Oh and Snapchat too! I use Instagram for my blog, have a FB page and created a Twitter account that I rarely go onto. I also have a Pinterest account which I find so useful for almost everything from fun recipes to style inspiration.

  • I am right there with you with Tumblr, SnapChat, and Instagram. I think Instragram looks interesting, but I haven't had the energy to start and account and start doing it. I do like FB for the same reasons you mentioned. For now, I am sticking to the ones I know and understand- but I am willing to learn something else if it makes sense for me. 🙂

  • I don't have a profile on snapchat or pinterest or tumblr, and I do have an account on facebook, which I update it monthly. And I too use my phone for listening music! 🙂

  • I haven't quite got the hang of Tumblr, to be honest. But that's okay. Lord knows, I've already got a few going. I think the only one I have quite yet mastered is Pinterest. I don't have an account. I think I've already have enough social media sites to last me a lifetime, anyway.

    great post, Olivia!

  • I'm too old to keep up! I was pleased to read Emily's comment and agree that many people seem to believe that they must join each one as it is 'the in thing' to do. I was trying to add universal share buttons to my website yesterday (without success) and I was amazed to see that there were about 100 I could select! I use Facebook and Google Plus but do feel the growing pressure for my website visitors also to be able to share via twitter, pinterest, linkedin, etc, etc, etc

    • Yes, there are just SO many social media sites out there, and you really do have to pick and choose a select few to keep up with. Google Plus is good, but don't feel the need to give into the pressure! Do whatever you want to do or believe you can handle.

  • I use Facebook a lot, but I have used it for many years. I don't get pinterest, tumblr, or instagram! I use a top up phone too, so its pretty basic. I can use apps on my tablet but I am not really interested in sharing photos hehe

  • This post made me laugh a lot. I don't get phones either, especially smart phones. I didn't even have one until last year when I graduated University and mum thought a smartphone would make a great graduation present – it took me an entire summer to get used to it and it stills annoys me.. That being said.

    I love tumblr! It is possible to have a blog there, but I like it more for the easier interaction you can have even with people you don't follow. You see post from everyone from everywhere and I learned a great deal of things from random posts on my dashboard.

    Instagram is lovely for me because I rarely post new pictures on my facebook. And I like capturing little moments from my life. Snapchat… I downloaded the app but I just couldn't understand how it works so I gave up.

    I use facebook only for its chat widget as that's a great way to keep in touch with people. But just like you, I sometimes forget to go there…

    • I am not the only one who struggles with phones! I feel so old about it because the younger generation is supposed to be handy with these kind of things xD I really do want to try Instagram and probably will when I become less lazy.

  • I'm not very active on Instagram. I have an account and I post pictures but I'm not very good at interacting on there. I just post the same pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, then forget to check back on Instagram–part of it is that they make you use your phone to do a lot of things on there. I'm mostly on my laptop.

    • It's pretty cool that you have everything linked! And I would agree – it's impossible to stay active on all the sites, all of the time. Instagram seems like a cool one I would like to try at some point though…

  • Thank you for this post because I thought it was just me. I am terrible at social media. lol
    Congratulations on 900 Pinterest followers! I will go follow you right now so I can join the fun!

  • Reddit. I just don't get Reddit. I've tried twice and deleted accounts twice already. But I'm on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and YT. I'm not getting much on Tumblr so I'm debating if I'll continue with The Author Cafe tumblr site. I mainly use FB, Twitter and Google+ to network and follow other writers/editors/agents/book stores/readers, etc. But out of all of them I only use FB as my author/fan page.

    • I think that is good for you. You should use whatever you feel comfortable with using! Although I can do some sites well, others I struggle with. I try to use those that work to my advantage and with me best 😉

  • I have an account on all of the social media you just shared LOL
    the one I don't use is Facebook; I prefer twitter and instagram to be honest. Snapchat is fun sometimes and tumblr is linked to my instagram so I have the same things on both of them hahahaha

  • Twitter is rather new to me, but I really like it! I have a Facebook for myself, but I don't have time to keep up with the one I created for my blog. Anything else? I have no clue about! Sure, I've heard of them, but I don't understand or use any of them.

  • Well, Tumblr didn't let me create an account at all for some reason :p I have Twitter, but I don't understand all the hype. As for Facebook, I don't like it. It just seems really boring to me, plus it takes forever to load. Instagram is super fun, I really like taking photos and I can promote my blog on it too. Also there's a lot of cool people on it. Snapchat is pretty cool too, I have it on my tablet. But it gets kinda boring after a while, like sometimes I don't really have anything to snap or anyone to snap it too.

    ~Carina @ My Addiction: Books

  • I am amazed by people who manage more that three social media sites. Haha. I have an empty tumblr account too. Facebook is the platform I use for promoting my blog and such other things, so I'm quite active on that. I'm a failure on twitter. I don't understand why it's so popular and I never took to it. Instagram is fun only because of the other people I follow on it lol.
    I understand about the phone never having enough credit! It disappears like magic.

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