The Canary Room (Review)

The Canary Room (Review)

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Title: The Canary Room
Author:  Edwin and Linda Casebeer
Publisher:  Serealities Press 

Published Date:  7th August
Rating: 4 Stars

*Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy
for review*

Synopsis: In
the spring of 1945, a young boy in the Pacific Northwest will make a
life-or-death decision.

Every morning, Herman “Hermy” Auerbach awakens to the pre-dawn song
of canaries. The porch where he sleeps contains dozens of the songbirds.
Outside, in the wider world, the Second World War enters its final, bloody

Hermy comes to the Williams’ house under protest after his parents’ divorce, a
result of his father leaving home initially to pursue his impossible dream of
becoming an intelligence officer. Herman’s mother, remarried to a sailor,
abandons her son to move across the country and start another family with her
new husband. By the time he takes up residency in the canary room, Hermy has
already suffered both from abandonment and bullying.

Life with the large, messy Williams clan offers Hermy little relief, although
he bonds with the other boys in the family. When the boys hatch a wild escape
plan, Hermy finds himself facing death, and deciding if his life is worth the
struggle to survive after losing everything.

A compelling story of one boy’s struggle to survive the uncertainties of foster
care and the war, The Canary Room brings to life the daily challenges of life
on the US home front in vivid, historically accurate detail.

Review: When I
began this book I didn’t know it was written in a stream of consciousness
style. At first that was pretty hard for me to adapt to, but after two chapters
I was loved it. I am someone who likes books which try something unique or
different, and this style was just that, and done well. It might not be for
everyone, but it was for me J
It also meant there were three different fonts: one for flashbacks, one for thoughts, one for present day.


I will admit that the only bad thing about this book is
that it isn’t for people who need several plot twists to keep going. This book
doesn’t have much of a plot really, but it’s more about gradually revealing
what Hermy had to live through in his past and all the struggles he had to
face. It wasn’t anything troublesome happening in the present. So I will say
that this book is something strictly for those who like character driven
novels, and not plot driven ones.

BUT that doesn’t mean that this book isn’t good. There
are some lovely characters in there, like Sonny who is always influenced by his
older brothers and maintains that childish innocence about him. Hermy is a boy
beyond his years as well. Sandy was also one of my favourite characters,
because although he could’ve left Hermy on his own when his mother didn’t show
up, he didn’t. Even though Hermy had gone through an awful lot in his life and
been let down quite a bit, Sandy was always a constant there for him, and was
such a good and loyal friend. I liked him a lot ^.^ Hermy was also a character who had a lot of thoughts, but didn’t always speak them.

One word of warning is that there is quite a bit of
colourful language used here, due to one character who has a tendency to use
those words. So if you try to avoid that, then this book might not be for you.
Also, I think this book did a good job of portraying everyday citizens opinions
on the war and what happened at Pearl Harbour. It’s a theme that runs through
the book, but isn’t the main focus.

Overall, I don’t have too much to say. I liked it a lot
😀 Oh, and isn’t that cover amazing?

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