Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Play Me That Music!

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Play Me That Music!

Morning everyone!

I hope the reading has been going well! It seems like I will have less time than expected due to school and other things (like recently coming back from a tournament abroad and then going to a concert the next day when school starts on Monday. Not the best idea, guys. It was still super fun! More on that later). Anyway, reading must commence. Here’s the update:

Reading Update: Obsidian (Lux #1) – 158 pages
                              The Winner’s Curse – 26 pages [Finished Book]


And now time for today’s challenge! It was to make a playlist based on the book your reading. But seeing as Cinder is my featured book I am helping to run, I am going to be giving a playlist for that one! Without further ado, here are the selected songs with some favourite ones linked to their videos.

Olivia’s Catastrophe Cinder Playlist
Numb – Linkin Park
Because I am sure Cinder might be tired of having to do all this work for others without feeling appreciated.
Hurt – Christina Augelira
Aside from this song being the beautifulness of beauty, I am sure it would be relevant because Cinder might blame herself for hurting other people.
Misguided Ghosts – Paramore
Another very emotional song. Reading Cinder made me feel like her character would be able to relate to this at the beginning of the book.
Playing God – Paramore
I think you get that I really like Paramore at this point xD This song is aimed at Adri, of course.
Good Intentions – Dappy
Who knew rappers could sing so well and make emotional songs? I already did, but others didn’t! I feel like Cinder always has good intentions in mind and can’t help if some things go wrong.
Heaven – Beyoncé
Such a gorgeous song! I won’t give a reason, but if you read the book then you already know!
Skyscraper – Demi Lovato
This is a heartfelt song about standing back up after being knocked down countless times by things and people. It would basically be Cinder’s theme tune.
Free – Rudimental ft. Emeli Sande
There is a moment in this book where freedom comes up.
Unwell – Matchbox 20
Love the lyrics to this song. If the book became a musical (please don’t, just be a movie instead) then I am sure all those with the plague lined in beds would be singing this at some point.
Salvation – Gabrielle Aplin
This is the song of songs. Cinder ends up having someone/thing become her salvation in the novel.
Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande
Labrinth ^.^ I mean, uh, I didn’t choose this one because of that amazing male voice, but moreover because the romance in this novel really relates to looking beyond appearance and what type you are, but to who you are as a person.
I’m A Survivor – Destiny Child
Because if Cinder is anything, she is definitely a survivor.

Olivia’s Question: What song goes with what you are reading at the moment?
Olivia-Savannah x

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