Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: That’s a Wrap!

Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: That’s a Wrap!

Hello there everyone!

Welcome to the wrap up post for the Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon 2015! I hope you had fun this week going on the journey with us, and that your reading went well whether or not you were participating! There are some final questions for us and one last challenge. I’m going to start with the questions.


1. What was your page reading goal? How many pages did you end up reading?

My reading goal was to read Obsidian, Scarlet and Harry Potter book three. But I got a bit side tracked with some other books, and I only managed to start Harry Potter. But I did read the rest! I aimed for 350 and I ended up reading 883 pages! I’m pretty surprised with that myself.

2. What books did you read?

The books I managed to start and finish were Obsidian, Sacred and Scarlet. I had a few more pages to go for The Winner’s Curse so I finished that one off. And then I read a little bit into Harry Potter #3 and Lord of The Flies.

3. What book was your most/least favourite?

My favourite had to be Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! And my least favourite had to be Lord of the Flies. Four chapters in and the story still isn’t snagging me yet.

4. What challenge did you find the hardest to do?

Uhm, the alternate ending one! You can see I cheated on it below.

5. What challenge was the most fun to do?

For me that would have had to been the moral questions. I love answering things like that and I feel like I learn more about myself as well. And since the moral questions were based on books I feel like it helps people realize that there are some pretty difficult things faced in young adult books as well.

 6. Did you make any new blogging friends?

Definitely! If someone linked up in time for me to see it, then I would’ve commented! I met wonderful people like Vlora @ Reviews and Cake, Chantelle @ Oh, The Stories You’ll Know and plenty more!

7. What was your biggest reading distraction? How did you get over it?

School. If school didn’t exist than maybe I could’ve read even more. But alas, no way to escape that one.

 8. What was your reading schedule? Were you a morning or evening reader? Week or weekend?

Definitely weekend. I read the entirety of Scarlet in the two days off. And in the week, I was all for staying up at nights (as I had predicted, snuggled in my bed and reading.)

9. Are you and Bartimaeus still friends? Do you still want to keep hanging out after the read-a-thon is over or will you lock them away somewhere to maybe contact them again when the next read-a-thon comes around (if ever)?

No, we are very much not friends anymore. See below for more details after this interview-ish part.

 10. Would you do this again?

Taking this from the point of view of people running it, I think I would! I would post about it earlier on so more people would have time to choose whether or not they wanted to join us. But I would love to do something similar again!

Now for the challenge!

… Seeing as I have been such a diligent challenge-r and kept up with all my challenges. I have let myself off the hook with this one. I couldn’t think of an ending or scene I wanted to rewrite. So instead, I am going to explain why me and Bartimaeus are no longer friends. It all started when I finished Scarlet…

Olivia: That book was amazing! Captain Thorne… Scarlet… Cinder… Wolf… I AM NOT OKAY *fangasms*
Bartimaeus: Alright girly, calm down there. It’s just a couple pages of paper. I don’t see what the fuss is all about.
Olivia: Of course you wouldn’t understand.
Bartimaeus: How could I? You wouldn’t let me read over your shoulder, even if I don’t want to read that pathetic looking book anyway. And then as well as that, I’m tied to you! Sitting around as you turn page by page is boring.
Olivia: I didn’t ask for you to be chained to me, demon.
Bartimaeus: We’ve gone through this whole demon thing time and time again. I don’t call you human, do I? And yes, you did choose me. I think that book is causing you to suffer memory loss.
Olivia: You call me girly. That is bad enough.
Bartimaeus: Cool it, girly. Don’t get your books in a twist.
Olivia: Is that even possible?
Bartimaeus: Watch and see *grabs my prized Scarlet paperback and twists it into an unrecognizable shape.*
Olivia: OH NO. YOU did NOT just ruin my copy of Scarlet. Please tell me you did not. Just. Do. That.

… for the safety of readers I shall have to cut the conversation short here. But you can understand that a lot of me handling a frying pan like Rapunzel and waking him around the head ensured after this.

Once again, thanks for joining along the read-a-thon with us!

Olivia’s Question: What did you read this week?

Olivia-Savannah x

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