Sign Up: Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon!

Sign Up: Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the sign up post for the Fantasy Favourites
Read-a-thon! It’s going to be hosted here and also over @ Bookshelf Reflections
with Inge and Karolina. So, keep reading to hear what it’s all about.

Who can join in? YOU
of course! Any blogger and reader is welcome to join us. Just link up your sign
up post and announce you will join in below in the linky.

When? This is
all going down 23rd – 30th of March 2015! There will be an
introductory post on the 16th if you choose to join in for that! You
can join in whenever you want, even if we are halfway through the read-a-thon
itself as well.

What is gonna
Here’s how it goes! In the week you have you can read any book from any genre. Not simply fantasy books! (Although you will be pretty
awesome if you do read fantasy books.) And you can be doubly as awesome if you read one of the selected series/books.

Throughout the read-a-thon there will be challenges which
you can choose to do! You don’t have to join in with them all, but can select
which ones you want to try and join in with. There will be a few based on the selected
books and series, and some more general ones as well.

Oh, and don’t
forget to count the number of pages you read and which books you get through! 
The Featured Books:




The Schedule:  So you have an idea what is planned to happen:

16th – Goal setting and Invite a Friend post!
23rd – Kick-Off Opening and Getting to Know
24th – The Playlist Challenge and Book Photography
25th – Casting List Mayhem and Twitter Wars
26th – Dating Profiles Challenge
27th – They Said What?
28th – It’s All About the Tricky Ones
29th – Your Bookshelf Book Self
30th – Alternate Ending and Wrap-Up!

Why should I join
To connect with bloggers, read awesome books, and of course, have a lot
of fun!

Don’t forget to join us on twitter with the #ffreadathon handle. Or follow the read-a-thon on twitter here!

Sign Up here!

Olivia’s Question: We Need You! Have you signed up yet?

Olivia-Savannah x

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