Treadmill (Review)

Treadmill (Review)


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Title: Treadmill

Author:  Warren
Publisher:  Stonehouse Productions
Published Date:  26th September 2014
Rating: 1 Star

*Thank you to the publisher for the review copy*

Synopsis: Jack
Cooper is an unhappy man, mind, body, and spirit. In the blink of an eye he has
lost his longstanding job to the economy, his mother to illness, and his wife
to her secret lover. Beaten, broken, and crippled by tragedy, he withdraws into
total isolation, narrowing his life down to the simplest of routines in order
to block out the pain. His day begins with a strenuous workout at the Bethesda
Health Club, his personal oasis where his mind and body can be free, and ends
in his tiny apartment, where he escapes from reality with his books until he
can lose himself in sleep. Nothing more, nothing less. That is, until he meets
the enigmatic Mike Parrish. Stolen from the hospital as a newborn and passed
around from household to household, Parrish has no official identification. To
the government and the world at large, he does not exist. He is an anonymous
drifter, but also the first person who breaks through Cooper’s emotional
confinement. Cooper finds solace in his friendship with Parrish, a man who
understands his plight and is sympathetic to his pain. But then Parrish
suddenly disappears, leaving Cooper to search for a virtually invisible man. As
he looks for clues as intangible as ghosts, and chases leads as fleeting as
shadows, his search leads him back to the one place he called his refuge: the
Bethesda Health Club. How much can be taken from a man before he has nothing to

Review: I am
sorry to say I really hated this book. I have been meaning to read more
mysteries, but for some reason I have been picking up the rubbish ones. I am
going to keep trying though! I’ll find a hidden gem soon.

This book was supposed to be about a friend who goes
missing and then Cooper who tries his best to find out what happened to him,
due to his routine being shattered once the man – Parrish – disappears. And I
suppose it was about that. But it also somehow included politics, and when the
explanation as to how that had a role in it came about, I was left confused. It
didn’t make any sense to me, and therefore the mystery was hard to understand.

But putting that aside, the story had more downsides than
simply the plot. I felt like the main character, Jack Cooper, was a flat one.
We never learned too much about him on a personal level simply because he didn’t hav 
e one. He was a simplistic
man plagued by OCD… and that was it. There wasn’t more to know about him and it
bothered me.

I also felt like the story was told in a flat and boring
way. There were parts that I felt were completely unnecessary and almost served
to make more pages. It was slow paced, which added to my felt boredom. I’m
surprised I even read all the way through. There were some points (especially
the beginning) where there was a big info dump and it was telling and never

Another thing that really bothered me was that Jack
believed everything a woman told him simply because he believed he was in love
with her. I do understand, but even though there is the term love is blind, I didn’t know it made you
naïve and completely trusting immediately either. Ugh.

This is not one I would recommend.

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