Awards Ceremony! (Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon)

Awards Ceremony! (Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon)

Welcome, welcome to the awards ceremony! Today we have multiple glittery prizes to be handed out to the very best of our participants today. So do keep reading and let’s have a quick run through!

The aim of the game was definitely to read as many books as possible! And though we did have some crazily huge amounts of pages read, like some who managed to surpass 2000 pages – where did they get the time? – Best reader goes to Rebecca @ Vicariously! She read  a forest load of pages. What could anyone expect when her goal was to whizz through 25 books?

Photography skills were also needed in this read-a-thon, and some of us readers had to dig our cameras from the back of our wardrobes for this one. Mustering up the Best photographer skills was Sherlyn @ Mermaid with a Book and Olivia @ Brewing Up Books. Such beautiful photos! You should definitely follow them both on instagram for more!

Now this one doesn’t go to a particular person, but in general the Most Read Book was Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! I did love it as well. But there was a very close call because in general many read various books in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.

Twitter wars occurred on one of the evenings and a few of others removed our noses from our books to debate and agree and certain things from certain books. I have to say, Saskia @ Saskia’s World was great at the Harry Potter discussions as well as Chantelle @ Oh, The Stories You’ll Know who extended our war to a longer time, as well as continued discussing the books after the read-a-thon as well! They definitely are the Twitter Warriors!

I am only going to breeze through this one, but this winner was not chosen by me but Olivia @ Olivia’s Catastrophe gets best commenter! Now let’s move on quickly, yes πŸ˜›

This read-a-thon had it all! We were even testing your best moral skills with some tricky questions when it came to morale day. We have to say, Rebecca @ Vicariously and Katrina @ Chased by my Imagination had some very interesting and well explained views. Congratulations to you both!

All us readers probably have some glorious bookshelves. But Sarit @ Coffee Books and Art definitely had us feeling Bookshelf Jealousy.

Now as for our hosts, I do think Best Technician should go to Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections because she was making sure everyone got the badges, that we had an amazing banner and badge as well as working the coding for each and every linky. Phew, she must’ve been busy! Also, Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections deserves Best Heroine seeing as she fended through all sorts of symptoms and sickness and STILL managed to do some brilliant reading. Good on you both! You have now been proclaimed the Katniss Everdeen’s of our read-a-thon. 

Thanks to all the people who joined in! That specifically means:

Rebecca @ Vicariously! | Katrina @ Chased by my Imagination | Chantelle @ Oh, the Stories You’ll Know | Saskia @ Saskia’s World | Sarit @ Coffee, Books and Art | Sherlyn @ Mermaid With a Book | Olivia @ Brewing Up Books | Andreea @ Catsfika | Ely @ A Book so Fathomless | Ashley @ Book Nerd Paradise | Lakin @ Wonderous Reviews | Betsy @ Besty’s Random Assorment of Thoughts | Brynn @ The Cellar Boy | Vlora @ Reviews and Cake |

Karolina, Inge and Olivia-Savannah x

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