Life Update – Switzerland, Concerts, Authors and Easter!

Life Update – Switzerland, Concerts, Authors and Easter!

Morning everyone!

Today I wanted to break away from the usual kind of post to update you with everything that went on personally for me for March. Basically, when I was trudging through school in February I simply was looking ahead to all the good things that would be happening later on in the month. And boy was it worth it! I managed to do a lot of fun things, and some important ones too which I want to share with you.

Switzerland: I went to Switzerland for the first time for three days! I was there with the basketball team. We didn’t get to do much sight seeing, but it was a lot of fun playing basketball, as it always is. And so good to connect with the girls on the team! We managed to wind up being third place in the tournament, and I even won a trophy for being selected for the dream team – one of the top five players of the tournament! I was super surprised and happy πŸ™‚ Oh, and as well as that I have a friend who moved to Switzerland a few years ago and I was glad to meet up with her again. We also went to Fiba, the House of Basketball. I was impressed with everything they had in there. It was even the place where all the Olympic torches, from the oldest to the latest are stored! It was so cool to see them all together.

Nicki Minaj Concert: The day after I got back from Switzerland, I was given my final birthday present from my friends. And that was a ticket to a Nicki Minaj concert! I was dead tired, and after missing two days of school for basketball, being bruised, sore and ready to snooze for the rest of my life, I spent hours screaming and rapping along with my all time favourite rapper. The concert was AHMAZING. Needless to say I didn’t snap too many pictures because I was far too busy having the time of my life with my best friend. Treyz Songs was the opening act as well, which made it a whole lot better.
Sadly while we were there some people decided to pick on me because I was apparently taking up too much “space”. Which was funny because since we were at the front of the stage (so close!) no one had enough space. In the end a security guard came and stood kind of near us the whole time because they were being very mean. >.> But I didn’t let them put a downer on the night!ο»Ώ

Easter Sunday! This Easter Sunday was a bit different for me than the usual kind! That was because this Easter I decided to be baptized. It was so good to share my testimony with others, and I felt like this really was the right time to do it, which made me very happy. I was able to rest and relax the week approaching it because we had a week worth of Easter holiday (needed it after barely surviving a week on no sleep and a lot of homework). I had some friends witness my baptism (one was shocked by it being a full submersion) and we had a nice gathering at my house afterwards.
Joe Craig! Now this is the one that I don’t have any photo evidence of. But I was able to meet Joe Craig, the author of the Jimmy Coates books. He came to my school to speak and a few of us were selected to have dinner with him afterwards. I was one of those people! I was very shy and didn’t talk too much, but I was happy to be there and I do think I learned a bit about writing, publishing and anything and everything there. He was really nice!
I’d met him four years ago when he also came to my school and I even have a signed copy of his book. But it was nice to see him again and have a chance to eat with him!
That’s what has been happening in my life lately. I will continue doing Life Updates like these if anything of significance happens in the future πŸ™‚
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Olivia’s Question: What’s the latest thing that has been happening in your life?
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