Loving Helen (Review & Giveaway!)

Loving Helen (Review & Giveaway!)


Title: Loving Helen
(Heathfire Romance #2)

Author:  Michele
Paige Holmes
Publisher:  Mirror Press
Published Date:  14th February 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

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Synopsis: Eighteen-year-old Helen Thatcher grew up
under the protection of her older siblings, Grace and Christopher. Living in
their shadows and keeping to herself suited Helen just fine—until she met
widower Samuel Preston. Watching Mr. Preston care for his young daughter and
seeing his concern extend to her own family, Helen felt her reserve slipping
away, as she learned first to trust him and then realized she had fallen in
love with him. But instead of returning—or even noticing her affection—Mr.
Preston developed his own tender, and unrequited feelings, for Grace.

In the midst of each silently nursing their broken hearts, Helen and Samuel are
faced with a daunting task—reuniting Grace with her fiancé, Nicholas
Sutherland. Now it is Helen who must look out for her sister and sacrifice her
own fragile heart, as she and Samuel pretend to be engaged. Helen finds the
role surprisingly easy to play, allowing herself to imagine that Samuel’s
loving remarks are sincere. As the time for their charade to end draws near
Helen must summon her courage and tell Samuel the truth of her feelings, or
risk losing him forever.

Review: Another
great historical fiction romance from Michele Holmes. Can she ever go wrong?

This one was a bit of a contrast to book one, but can
still be read as a standalone if you want to do so. In the previous book we got
to see Helen as a shy girl who can’t stand up for herself as Grace’s sister. I
couldn’t imagine the girls to be more different. But now that the story is
focused on her, I was surprised by how much we didn’t know about her. She is a
lot more confident than you could imagine her to be, and if she is nervous or
frightened she has a very good reason to be which I can’t reveal in fear of spoiling
the novel. But I liked how this book showed so much character development.

At first I was a little bit confused with trying to place
this novel. It doesn’t quite start where the previous book ended. In fact, it’s
showing the other half of the story. And seeing as Helen isn’t near Grace at
all for the first book it isn’t simply a retelling of the story from another
point of view. It’s a unique story which is closely connected to the previous
one. And you start to see that many things happened in the previous novel for
reasons you wouldn’t have been able to imagine.

Another character that we didn’t get to see much of in
the previous novel is Christopher – who will be the lead for the next story. I
liked his character fairly enough although he did seem to be overly
manipulative sometimes and that bothered me. I wonder if that take on him will
bother me in the next book or not…

As for the historical element to this romance it isn’t
too strong, but it is evidently there in the balls they go to, the clothing
they wear and the way they treat each other. But it isn’t like the romance
relies on events that happen in the time period, so I wouldn’t say it is a
large factor to the story.

The themes running through this one were pretty important
to. Samuel had previously been married but she had died, and left him with a
daughter. I have to admire him for trying to grow up his daughter in the right
way but struggling as he is still grieving himself for the loss of a wife and
love. And the element of family is strong in this one too. I loved it.

Can’t wait for the sequel to come out. We already have a
cover as well, which makes me happy!
Eagerly awaiting it.

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