The Beckoning of Gyanganj (Review)

The Beckoning of Gyanganj (Review)

Title: The Beckoning of Gyanganj

Author:  Chandan
K. Pathak
Publisher:  Frog Books
Published Date: 28th November 2014
Rating: 2 stars
*Thank you to the author for the review copy*

Synopsis:  Gyanganj is a mystical abode of immortal
beings located in the remote Himalayas. It influences series of events from two
eras and results in The Beckoning of Gyanganj, a cocktail of Himalayan
adventures, spiritualism, love and romance, hatred and politics, sufferings and
revolt. The challenging high altitude treks undertaken in remote Himalayas by
Ravi and his fellow trekkers where lurked unknown dangers and challenges in
every step and turn, the mysteries related to Gyanganj, the divine and immortal
saints living there; the spiritual pursuit and associated challenges of Swami
Raghunath; all seem to have some strange connection. The seed of love that
germinated in Princess Lata s heart for Swami Raghunath and the curse of Queen
Damini would have their karmic impact on several lives from the two eras. The
sufferings of poor peasants at the hands of demonic Akash in the kingdom of
Mayurpura, the failed and annihilated protests of the youth, and their
merciless killings by king’s army make one lose hope of possible redemption.
Strange turn of events, mysterious acts of destiny make Ravi, Lata, Swami
Raghunath and Risha wonder what lies ahead!
Review: I was
surprised by this book. It wasn’t focused on what I thought it would be
focused on, which was a little bit saddening. That’s what I get for not reading
the synopsis properly, as always >.>
I was hoping this book would be a romance as the cover
leads me to believe, but it was more focused on the Indian mythology aspect of
it. Yes, I did know the book included mythology which I wanted to read (because
India is the top country on my to visit list) and it sounded interesting. So
while it wasn’t the focus I expected it was still an interesting enough idea to
have me reading.
I felt like the writing style was a bit awkward. It
wasn’t aided by the fact that there were a few grammar mistakes in the book
where the English wasn’t the best it could’ve been and that bugged me to no
end. But because of the writing style I wasn’t able to connect with the
characters much at all – and seeing as I am a character driven reader that is
not a good thing.
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The tales of Indian mythology were interesting, but they
didn’t capture me very much. I started to read more so for the sake of simply
reading with a mild attention to the book. Which meant the plot wasn’t enough
to get me to delve into this story either. I wanted more adventure and exciting
things to happen.
That aside, it is fair to mention that this book is split
into three parts, each taking place in a different time although they are all
connected. Which means we get new characters and a new storyline which might be
the reason I felt like we didn’t get to delve in past the usual layer of mild
interest here – we were wrenched into another part of the story.
The part I liked the most was about revolution. I know
revolutions are done  a lot in books but
it was good to see the futile first attempts and how in the end one person
pushed the group to believe and strike back at those who were suppressing them.
I liked that part.
Overall, this wasn’t the best read, and I ended up
skimming some parts. It was okay but there needed to be more from the characters.

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