Absolutely True Lies (Review & Giveaway!)

Absolutely True Lies (Review & Giveaway!)
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Title: Absolutely True Lies

Author: Rachel Stuhler
Publisher: Touchstone (Simon and Schuster)
Published Date: 26th May 2015
Rating: 3 Stars
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publisher for the review copy*
Synopsis: A fledgling entertainment writer stumbles
into the gig of a lifetime writing a teenage pop star’s memoir and soon
realizes that the young celebrity’s squeaky-clean image is purely a work of

Struggling writer Holly Gracin is on the verge of moving back home to upstate
New York when she gets hired to write the memoirs of eighteen-year-old Daisy
Mae Dixson, a former Nickelodeon child star who has moved seamlessly into both
blockbuster movies and pop music.

Holly quickly realizes that Daisy’s wholesome public image is purely a work of
fiction, as Holly finds herself trailing the star as she travels around the
world on yachts, gets stalked by paparazzi, and sneaks out of five-star hotels
in the dead of night.

As Holly struggles to write a flattering portrait of a teenage millionaire who only
eats “nightshades” and treats her employees like slaves, Daisy has a public
meltdown—and suddenly, her book is the cornerstone of resurrecting her image.
But working at all hours trailing a pop star has taken its toll, and Holly must
decide if becoming the ultimate insider is worth losing a starring role in her
own life.

Fun, juicy, and inspired by Rachel Stuhler’s own stranger-than-fiction
experiences as a celebrity ghost writer, Absolutely True Lies is an
entertaining look at how the lifestyles of the rich and famous aren’t always
what they seem.

Review:   I couldn’t
wait to start this one once I was accepted the copy! Not only would it
contribute to my 2015 reading challenge but it was also an author who had been
a ghostwriter writing about someone who ends up being a ghostwriter. How cool
is that? It’s not a job I have ever considered but if I am wanting to be a
writer it is always interesting to think about other jobs which could involve
just that as well – writing.
I thought this one also had an interesting portrayal of
celebrity life. Holly is thrust into the world of glamour almost without asking
because all she wants is a job which can make sure she gets the rent paid by
the end of the month and enough for her to survive off of as well. I don’t know
how accurate the idea of celebrity life in this one was, and how much Stuhler
based this off of her own experiences, but it did seem like it could be very
realistic. It seems so glamorous, but in reality there were cracks in the
vision as well. It seemed like if you weren’t popular enough, then you could
easily be left behind. And it never really mattered what was wrong with Daisy
the main character mentally or physically – she was almost like a puppet
sometimes. If she did enough for everyone to get their paycheck then they were
happy enough. I felt like few people actually cared about her.
As well as that, the amount of money they earned for
doing little things was astounding O.o Once again, I am not sure how realistic
that was but I would believe it, and it was pretty shocking. I can’t imagine
people having to do so little to get so much money! They really did throw it
around unknowingly.
Every time someone revealed themselves to be there for the money
and not Daisy herself.
But as always, everything comes at a price. There were
quite a few characters in this book and finding out who could really be trusted
seemed to be a running theme here. People you could’ve sworn were good and genuine
ended up not being so. It was hard to see who was there for the money and who
was there for Daisy. Sometimes the people who weren’t really there to support
her made me feel irrevocably sad. She deserved better than that 🙁
Holly was a nice character. She was just a small town person
trying to get by. When she enters into the celeb life, no matter how badly she
gets treated and by who she always tries to get back on her feet again. And all
through the novel, no matter what Daisy might do you can see that she is
someone who is actually there for her. I have to admire that quality about
that. She does seem to moan quite a bit, but that is only within context
because I would be grumpy if the people I was working for always seemed to be
jetting off without telling her. So I was able to accept that.
I liked reading about all the characters. They all seemed
very realistic. Daisy most of all, and she was the one we were able to see the
most about. Faith, her mother was also quite important in the story as well.
Jamieson always seemed a bit cruel and like he was using the family for their
money. I don’t wait to dive too much into the characters in fear of giving away
who was there for what reason.
There was a love triangle in this one. First of all Holly
meets Vaughn, one of the geeky producers who is kind to her. And a while into
the story she meets Ben, a very good looking furnisher for the set. I felt like
the love triangle was a bit predictable in my opinion. Once again, this one was
largely based on trust. She was trying to find out who would be there for her
the most when it came to the point when she would really need it.
Overall, a nice, very well written book. I’m not sure
what the ‘more’ was that I was looking for, but I did feel like something was
holding it back from being four stars. It was interesting to learn about the ghost
writing experience though.

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Olivia’s Question: Do you find it easy to trust others?

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