Bookish Identity Tag!

Bookish Identity Tag!

Hi guys!

Today I have for you the Bookish Identity Tag! I was
tagged by Rachel @ Rachel’s Reading Corner, and it’s pretty simple. Just answer
each section! 

Before we begin, some friends I know online have started their own blog and would love if you took the time to check it out! Just go here.

Now for the tag!

Which dystopian
world would you live in?

Um, is there any nice
dystopian world to live in? I think I would like to live in the dystopian
world of Matched by Ally Condie. There isn’t anything too terrible in that
world apart from the whole arranged marriage thing, and the classifying of
people. Otherwise it seems decent. More decent than The Hunger Games.

Would you be a Downworlder or Nephilim (from The Mortal Instruments)?

I think I would be a Shadowhunter! I would look so cool all in black and fight them demons. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t think I am glamorous enough for a Warlock, not a fan of werewolves and think I would make a horrible vampire. 

Who would your
partner be?

Instead of romantic partner let’s go partner in crime
this time? I would love to have Annabeth from Percy Jackson by my side all the time. Someone who is intelligent
and good at fighting as well? Yes please!

Who would your
godly mother or father be? (From Percy

I don’t know if this was cheating, but I have already
done the test, so I would have Athena xD Goddess of Wisdom, creativity and
battle strategy. Sounds good to me 😉

Which house would
you be from (in Harry Potter)

I do a lot of tests xD Because this is another one I have
done already! It said I was from Ravenclaw, and I think it suits. I am a pretty determined, naturally curious and persistent person. 

Which faction
would you be from (in Divergent)

Um, another quiz done on this. It says I am Divergent
every time, and I do believe that. I think I would never choose Dauntless,
because that’s crazy. I wouldn’t choose Candor ever, because I am terrible at
saying everything I think to people’s faces. The Amity lifestyle sounds boring,
Erudite seems to have high expectations (but I might choose that) and
Abnegation seems pretty boring too, even though it’s the most gracious one. I
think I will have to go with… *pretends to choose.*

What would your
daemon be (from Nothern Lights/Golden

I knew I would eventually hit one about a book I haven’t
read. Oh well, let’s skip out on this one.
That’s the end of the tag! I officially tag:

Cecile @ Cucie Reads
Andreea @ Catsfika
Cari and Lily @ My Addiction: Books

Olivia’s Question: Who would your bookish parents be?

Olivia-Savannah x

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