Devon’s Choice (Review)

Devon’s Choice (Review)
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Title: Devon’s Choice

Author: Catherine Bennett
Publisher: Clean Reads
Published Date: 12th January 2015
Rating: 3 Stars
*Thank you to the
author for the review copy*

Synopsis: Life holds no surprises for Devon
Murphy. Her life consists of keeping tabs on her aging Irish father, working
part time at a coffee shop, and building her online graphics design business.
Devon’s only tricky situation is a shallow relationship with the pampered and
affluent Michael Turner, who sees her as just another woman to conquer.

Following his father’s death, Brandon’s only goal is to expand the family
business and live life on his own terms. That is, until he walks into the
coffee shop one snowy evening and meets the enchanting, red-haired barista
behind the counter. But can Devon and Brandon’s attraction for each other be
strong enough to help erase their deepest disappointments and renew their faith
in God?

Review: After
seeing this book featured on Inspired Books Guide I became all
the more curious about it and wanted to try it out for myself. I’ve also been
trying to mix my style of reading some more and this one would fall under
Christian fiction, so I was looking forward to it.
I did enjoy this one, and I think my main problem was
that it was so short. It’s at about 160 pages and I think if the author had
written some more and expanded on some points, I would’ve been able to get to
know a lot of the characters better and expanded on some scenes and enjoyed the
whole thing. But let’s start with some good points.
I immediately liked Devon. She was a generally nice
character and she had a lot of the same principals as I did – family, faith and
friends. Even though she had strayed from the church community she still wanted
to stay pure until marriage despite pressure from her boyfriend. You have to
give her some respect for that! And her friend, Megan, never stopped inviting
her to church and promising her that she would be welcomed and not shunned from
the group. You have to admire that about Megan as well.
There was a love triangle in this one, with two love interests.
There was Michael who was rich and a bit bossy as well. He would tell Devon
what to do and though he seemed to stick to the grounds she wanted, he did seem
pushy as well. Personally I felt like he was always set up to be the ‘bad guy’
of the two of them and I felt like we never got to see the good side to him
that must’ve made Devon want to go out with him in the first place.

Brandon was a nice, kind guy. Although he wasn’t
religious, again he had some good mindsets and was a hard worker. He stuck to
the guidelines Devon set and I felt like although he did have his own flaws, he
was good at respecting her as well. Again, I did feel like he was set up to be
the ‘good guy’ since we first meet him, and would’ve liked if the lines between
the two were a bit more blurred. If we got see the good and bad side of them

The writing style was a bit simplistic which was fine for
reading but it didn’t excite me or particularly draw me into the story too
much. The main conflict in this novel was between Devon choosing what she
wanted. And then her father is ill – and some of the conflict was him battling
his illness.
This was reasonably short, so I don’t have too much to
say! But I would be happy to read some more Christian fiction after this one!
Olivia’s Question: Do you read any religious fiction of
your own religion?
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