Top 10: Reasons Why I Write!

Top 10: Reasons Why I Write!
This one is for all my readers who are also writers!
Not all readers are writers, but I am one of them. I was
a reader before a writer, but now if I had to choose between one of them, I
would probably choose writing. (Or maybe not. I’m unsure about this…) I started writing when I was ten because my
grandfather passed away. We had a writing exercise and that was my chosen
subject to write about. I did burst into tears after reading it aloud, but I
learned that it was a great way to release emotions. I dabbled on and off with
writing until I was twelve and found the Young Writers Society and became more
series. I started blogging at fourteen and realised it wasn’t just novels and
poetry I liked writing, but reviews and everything.
Making Characters
This has to be one of my favourite things about writing.
Maybe it’s because I love games like Sims and Animal Crossing, or maybe because
I’m a character driven reader. But I strive to make my own characters as
realistic as possible, with strong relationships between each other. Filling
out character profiles is so fun 😀
Beauty in Words
This refers to poetry. It takes a lot of practice to find
a perfect combination of words that lead to a beautiful poem. But I just love
it when everything falls into place and you have a beautiful outcome.
The Community
Through YWS and blogging I have met a lot of authors.
Regardless of whether I love their books/writing or not, they all seem like
nice people. Agents and publicists included! I have also managed to talk to
some of my favourite authors of all time, like Anne Tibbets and Sharon M.
Making a Change
Writing can raise awareness about a subject and make a
change. After reading Carrier and Walled by Anne Tibbets I donated money to a
cause. After reading Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper I changed my
perspective on those with disabilities. I, myself am writing a novel about
sweatshops and human trafficking because I think it is an important subject and
hope to make a change with it.
Release Emotions
I don’t think I need to cover this because of the
introduction. But I think it explains why lots of poetry is dark and
depressing. Who needs to release happy emotions? We need to release the bad
People say handwriting is a dying art, but if it was up
to me it wouldn’t be! I think it is pretty :3 I write all my poetry by hand
first (mainly because inspiration strikes amongst real life and not behind a
laptop screen) and handwrote my novella before typing it.
Your brain needs training as well, and so does my
imagination. Writing is the perfect way for me to do this.
Again, this is mainly to do with poetry. But I love
experimenting with the traditional formats and trying to make a nice poem while
sticking to the rules. It’s a huge challenge and really difficult in most
One day I would like to write and know I have an
audience. Kind of like I do for this blog, but then for a novel. The idea of
that makes me motivated to keep writing.
Writing is super fun for me. As fun as reading, or
blogging or eating which is my main reason for doing it of course.

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