Book Haul #5 Part 2 – I Have to Review the World & Giveaway!

Book Haul #5 Part 2 – I Have to Review the World & Giveaway!


Today I have part two of my monthly book haul (have you seen part 1?) and now that I am composing this haul I am realising that I definitely did go beserk this month and hopefully will tone it down a bit in the future? I have very few paperbacks for you, a few DVDs and mostly… a whole bunch of review copies and ebooks which I am going to review in time. Wish me luck with reading this summer because I am going to be very busy…

Paperbacks and DVDs!

DVDs: Hancock (which I have already watched and loved)
Dirty Dancing (Already watched – me and this movie are now best friends for life.)
It’s Complicated
2 Fast 2 Furious (FINALLY saw the sequel. Not as good as one at all, but okayish I guess.)
| Bag of Bones – Stephen King | Joni – Joni | Psalms as Poetry | Fairest – Marissa Meyer | A Thousand Pieces of You – Claudia Gray |
I am really looking forward to reading Joni’s autobiography because her condition is a unique one and her journey is truly moving. I have been collecting more Stephen King since reading On Writing as well. The Psalms as poetry was actually a gift but it sounds like it will be interesting!
I have already read Fairest and I read it in the hours after it arrived because I literally couldn’t wait xD I have also already read A Thousand Pieces of You and wrote a review of it when it was released here. But I loved the book so much and the cover, I got a paperback version instead of simply the E-arc.
For Review/Giveaway Win/Ebook buys

| Scion, Chameleon and Ungifted – Kelly Oram | Walk the Earth a Stranger – Rae Carson | Dangerous Lies – Becca Fitzpatrick | The Edge of Forever – Melissa E. Hurst | Persuasion – Martina Boone | Biggie – Derek E. Sullivan | Dreamland – Robert L. Anderson | The Rest of us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness | Fate – Andrea Buginsky | Divine Scream – Benjamin Kane Ethridge | He Who Walks in Shadow – Brett J. Talley | Violent Ends – Collective authors | The Witch Hunter – Virginia Boecker |

| Stand Off – Andrew Smith | Bomb – Sarah Mussi | The White Rose – Amy Ewing | Ice Like Fire – Sara Raasch | The Clouded Sky – Megan Crewe | Autumn Hush – Linda Gatewood | Another Day – David Leviathan | Cleo – Lucy Coats | A Madness So Discreet – Mindy McGinnis | Resignation – Amanda Thome | The Immortal Heights – Sherry Thomas | Tick – Allison Rose | The Tattooed Heart – Michael Grant | The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Graphic Novel) | What Lies Within – James Morris |

| The Heart Goes Last – Margaret Atwood | Lair of Dreams – Libba Bray | Velvet Undercover – Teri Brown | The Lies About Truth – Courtney C. Stevens | Teen Titans Volume 1 (Graphic Novel) | Suicide Squad (Graphic Novel) | Lost Canyon – Nina Revoyr | Caught Up – Shannon Holmes | Supervillians Anonymous – Lexie Dunne |
There we have it. I have some serious reading to do this summer >< There are some that I am more excited for than others, but I am generally happy with the collection here and will be busy reading!

Giveaway Time!  I am throwing this giveaway to celebrate 1500 pinterest followers! So this giveaway is courtesy of those lovely pinteresters, and definitely for you! Open internationally,

Enter to win a signed copy of the book There’s a House in the Land by Shaun D. Mullen. I will say that this is my book, which means I have read it once. It’s not a spanking new edition, but I hope you might want it anyway. 

Olivia’s Question: Which books have you recently acquired?
Olivia-Savannah x

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