City of Bones (Movie Review)

City of Bones (Movie Review)
Hello wonderful people :3
Today I’m going to talk about a book to film adaption.
The film in question is City of Bones, and it’s based on a book series I LOVE
of the same name. The movie kind of fell short. It’s rated 12 and was made in
The movie plot is as follows. Clary’s mother disappears
from home and Clary needs to know where she went. And, around the same time she
sees some teenagers stabbing a creature in a club. The catch is no one else can see these people. Clary
digs deeper and deeper to find who has taken her mother and who these
mysterious teenagers are, and why only she can see them. Her best friend Simon
helps her out, and she will discover some things about herself that she never
knew before.
Although it did kind of stick to the books, the whole
film didn’t really work out well. It was okay, because had the slightly comical
feel to it, like Percy Jackson, even though that did stray from the books. I
found it hard to take most of the characters seriously. I think this might be
because of my main problem with the book, and that was the casting.
I think Lily Collins was perfectly chosen. Apart from
ginger hair as a difference she looks exactly as how I would’ve imagined Clary
to be. She also acts exactly like her and did generally well in her role.
Robert Sheehan was awesome as Simon, geeky and loyal as expected. What I didn’t
like about the casting was Jamie Campbell Bower who had to play Jace.
First they offered the role to Alex Pettyfer and I wish
he had accepted it. Jamie’s acting got better as the movie progressed, but it
felt too stoic for me. He was so expressionless and it made everything seem a
whole lot less realistic, ruining the imagery. It’s not the Jace I pictured at
What I also enjoyed about the movie were the effects that
made the monsters. They were cool and looked how I expected them. Also, the
runes ^.^
The film was directed by Harald Zwart, who is Dutch. He
also directed films like Karate Kid and The Pink Panther 2. The movie runs for
about 125 minutes and I would rate it 2 stars.
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