Monsters University (Movie Review)

Monsters University (Movie Review)
This film for today is an absolutely amazing one. And I
mean absolutely amazing. I am tempted to give it five stars because I just
loved it that much. Don’t know what I’m talking about yet? Well, it’s an
awesome movie called Monsters University, which had the tough job of making a
prequel to the well-known and much loved movie Monsters Inc. And they did it
brilliantly. Just sayin’. It’s a family fun film that I love 😀
This 2013 movie follows the two monsters Mike and Sulley
during their first years at university. They must have planned this really
well, because in Monsters Inc. they share a common enemy Randy. In this movie
they show what the conflict was between them and Randy which made them dislike
him. But they also dug deeper into more details. In the Monsters Inc Randy
squints all the time, constantly narrowing his eyes. In this film you can see
he has glasses and someone else tells him he shouldn’t wear them, hence the
squinting begins. And of course, we get to see how the monsters exercise of
scary feet, scary feet, scary feet ROAR! Came about 😛 But that only makes
sense if you’ve seen the film.  They also
brought in characters from Monsters Inc. so we could see how they grew a bit
themselves, and had some things explained from their background too. I would
still watch Monsters Inc before this one, because it’s more fun that way.
My favourite scene had to be the end one, where Mike
realizes what Sulley has done. I am not going to say anything further because
then I would hit a massive spoiler, but it was a really emotional and nice
Other than knowing Monsters Inc from my childhood and I
loved the fact that they brought it back, I also loved the morals they teach.
They teach children the importance of teamwork, and why it is so special. About
solving differences for the good of a team. It also shows them an  uplifting story of getting their childhood
dreams. But other than those two there are so many other morals woven in there,
but I shall leave you all to puzzle them out yourselves 😉
The movie was directed by Dan Scanlon who was the story
artist for movies like Cars and Toy Story 3. The movie runs for about 104
minutes and I have decided it is so worth five out of five stars.
Now go and watch it!
Olivia’s Catastrophe: What kind of monster were you afraid of as a child (if any?)
Olivia-Savannah x

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