Liebster Award Tag #3!

Liebster Award Tag #3!
Hello there, readers!
Today I have the Liebster award tag for you! I’ve
actually done this one already twice, here and here, but seeing as the
questions are always different I will answer them regardless of not really
being eligible for this prize anymore. I was nominated by the wonderful girls @
My Addiction: Books. I was nominated by some other people too (thank you!) but I have opted to go with these questions.
The Rules!
Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
Answer the 11 questions asked
Nominate at least 3 bloggers with less than 200
Ask them 11 new questions
Here come the questions!
Have you ever read
a book that changed your life or deeply affected you? Which book?
Hm, this is a difficult question. I think Out of My Mind
by Sharon M Draper really made me understand some more physical disabilities
and the difficulty of living with one. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was
another one I couldn’t stop thinking about days after I’d finished it, which
rarely happens to me.
If you had to give
up all your books except for one, which one would you pick?
This is a mean question! I would keep Fear by Michael
Grant. It’s all lies. I would hide my stash and pretended that I only had
How long does it
take you to write a review?
Twenty minutes at a max! I already have all the notes of
things I need to mention, and I am a pretty fast typer, so once I start I
finish pretty soon afterwards as well.
What is your least
favorite book and why?
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I have no idea how some people can love this
book. So many things were wrong with it!
*goes off into rant mode*
Firstly, why on earth tell a love story from the point of
view of the maid? Did she just happen to know everything about their love life?
Isn’t that weird? And also, why did the author reuse the names! I was so
confused by the first Catherine, the second one and don’t get me started on the
other names that were repeated… so confusing. Lastly, I felt like the romance
issue wasn’t an issue but that she made it out to be one! Couldn’t she have
simply been like, oh, we come from different backgrounds but I don’t care and
then be done with it all? If she decided she didn’t want him, then it’s her
problem and she should deal with it. That girl really wasn’t one to go against
In a perfect
world, what mistake would authors avoid?
There would be no such thing as insta love. Please. No
What book
character can you most relate to and why?
I think it would be Summer from Summer’s Dream by Cathy
Cassidy. Summer is a perfectionist, and really wants to be the best at
everything she does. Which is why she sometimes puts herself under unnecessary
amounts of pressure and says yes to doing everything. I can be like that a bit
too :3
What are your
favorite and least favorite genres?
Favourite genre would have to be YA and fantasy, seeing
as it is what I read the most of. Least favourite would be non-fiction. Mostly
I find it boring.
What is your
favorite part of blogging?
I love everything about blogging! But my favourite would
be putting my own posts out there because I really feel like this blog is my
piece of internet and I can do whatever I want with it! What falls under that
is going to see what other people call their pieces of internet and reading it
too 🙂
Do you prefer a
female or male POV?
I don’t mind really, as long as the story is written
What’s your
biggest book-related pet peeve?
I wouldn’t say it was my biggest, but one thing I have
noticed is that I really don’t like it when the font is horrible. It’s really
off putting and seems mean to my eyes!
That’s all! Here are my eleven questions (yes, I stole
Do you prefer a male or female character POV?
What is your favourite and least favourite thing
about blogging?
If there was one author you could meet, who
would it be?
How do you choose what you are going to read next?
What is one thing you can’t stand in a romance?
What’s your favourite song?
Which blogger would you consider to be your
closest friend?
Why did you start blogging?
What is your favourite social media site to use?
Which country/fictional world would you visit if
you could?
Which book would you like to toss into the
I nominate:

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Olivia’s Question: Which book would you like to toss into
the flames?
Olivia-Savannah x

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