Outback Flames (Review)

Outback Flames (Review)

Title: Outback Flames
Author:  Suzanne
Publisher:  Sunburnt Enterprises
Published Date:  1st January 2015
Rating: 3 Stars

*Thank you to the author for the
review copy*
Synopsis: At
thirteen, Zoe Montgomery’s life changed overnight, the night her family and
their property, Montagreen, went up in flames. The incident and her previous
memories are wiped from her mind. Whisked away moments later by an unknown
aunt, Zoe learns to grow up fast and learns the value of hard work.

Fifteen years later, after overhearing her aunt’s whispers about Montagreen,
and a girl called Zoe Montgomery, the name on her bracelet, Zoe’s suspicions
increase. She flees the only life she has ever known, and escapes her aunt’s
harsh lies and abuse, to return home to find answers and rebuild.

However, returning opens not only the devastation she’d left behind, it reveals
the torment her childhood sweetheart suffered which almost destroyed his life.

As Jordan works on the restoration of Montagreen, can they battle their way
through a mountain of obstacles and take over where they left off, or is it too

Review: This
wasn’t necessarily a bad read. However, it wasn’t a memorable or unique read at
all. I am generally not a huge fan of the romance genre because I believe a lot
of romances simply blend into one another – there needs to be something
different to add to the mix. But this book didn’t have that ‘something different’
which I feel always needs to be there.
The writing style was decent enough and pretty easy to
read. I think the author did try to go for a bit too realistic a kind of
dialogue seeing as Zoe ended up saying things like ‘um’ a lot, and it irritated
me. I could understand the want for realism, but it got repetitive quickly, and
bothered me.
Zoe herself was a nice character. She had been through a
lot as a child and was basically grown up like Cinderella. I loved how strong
she was and eager to start her life again, even though she wasn’t completely
sure how she was going to do it. She was all prepared to be independent, but I
am grateful that she didn’t have to be because she was still going through a
traumatic time and needed someone to support her. That ended up being Jordan
who has known Zoe since they were young but is harbouring his own secrets. I
liked him well enough, but there didn’t seem to be anything very special about
him from what I could see. 

I did like the use of setting. As anyone can tell, I have
a soft spot for stories that are set anywhere but the usual America or Britain
combo. So having this set in sunny Australia? Bonus points from me.
I felt like they fell in love here a bit too fast. They’d
only known each other for days, and they seem to be ready to go into a serious
relationship. I couldn’t see that being very realistic. And by the end of the
novel I believe they have known each other for approximately a month but they
end up making a pretty big decision in their relationship. I found it all to be
too soon and too much. Slow down! This is also a pretty clean romance (anything
heading in the explicit direction has the scene cut and left open ended.)
I did find the ending to be a bit too easily resolved. It
could’ve been a lot more suspenseful but I wasn’t getting that impression at
all, and that left the book feeling a bit flat and bland. I couldn’t feel the
sense of a climax.
All in all, a decent read but nothing special or unique
about it excepting the setting.
Olivia’s Question: What’s the one thing you would save if
your house was on fire?
Olivia-Savannah x

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  • If I read a paranormal novel and did a review I doubt it would be any good because I don't read paranormal. I read romance and loved Outback Flames and Outback Fever by Suzanne Brandyn. As for the ums, I didn't have trouble reading the few there were. It is very strange you reviewed a romance when you don't read them. I'm on Goodreads. I haven't got many accounts but you can find me under Tam Berry. I think a reader has to read that genre to enjoy these types of novels.

    • I do read the romance genre though — I read a little bit of everything and have read some romances that I have loved! I think this is just one book in the romance genre which was nice, but not anything special. I also believe in occasionally reading outside of your genre too.

  • There are too many books like this as far as I am concerned. I went along for a long time reading books that I enjoyed well enough and then one day it dawned on me that I couldn't describe hardly any of them after I put them behind. After that epiphany, I stepped up my game and am reading less books that are forgettable. Of course they slip in every now and again, but still… I would almost prefer a book that I hate over one that is lukewarm. At least it gives me something to rant about. 🙂

    • Hmm… I know what you mean about lukewarm stories. My patience when it comes to books really varies. Sometimes I don't mind ranty ones, but then I can't stand them and would much prefer a lukewarm read. And then sometimes I don't want lukewarm ones as well.

      But I feel like the less forgettable, the better, and even bad books are memorable.

  • If my house was on fire I would save myself 😉 But I would seriously want to save EVERYTHING! My photo albums… because MEMORIES!!! My laptop because of how many memories are saved on there. ALL THE BOOKS!!! I wouldn't know what to pick. I would cry. You're scaring me by making me answer this 😉

  • Nowadays, romance novels are just what the doctor's ordered to get me out of a funk. But I must admit that the desperation in here doesn't appear all that convincing. It might even add to my annoyance. Lol.

  • Nice review, Olivia. There was a TV show called Five Mile Creek put out by the Disney company that was set in Australia. I enjoyed it, so I do find the setting of this book intriguing. Like you, I have a pet peeve about the rush to the serious "I love you I can't do without you" although I have only been knowing you a month. Thanks for sharing the review.

  • This does sound like an average read though, although that cover is gorgeous. I'm not really for endings that are too wholesome, it would have been better if the plot world building was better. Atleast you gave it a try, lovely review overall <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  • Lovely review as always Olivia! but I don't think this will work for me. Besides being set in Australia, I don't see myself reading it because I know I will probably not enjoy it :/
    And your question, is a hard one. I would love to save all of my books for sure but since I can't do that I would go with my Harry Potter boxset because I'm not letting that get burned for sure hahaha

  • Hi, Olivia – I totally agree with you. The reason I'm not a fan of romance is because I feel it is oh so predictable. However, I do enjoy some that seem to have a little something extra or different added in.
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews

  • Mannnn. I've never DNF a book but it actually freaking happened to me the other day so I can totally relate! Kuddos to you for sticking it out and finishing it like the champ you are. 🙂 The cover is absolutely gorgeous! So you would think the plot and characters would have been awesome but sadly , that'a just not always the case girl.

  • Hi Olivia, hope that you are doing well!

    Pity there was nothing special about the book, sometimes that can happen – good on you for finishing it though.

    The one thing I would save would be my camera 🙂

  • My favorite paperback novels (few of them), my phone, my tablet and my laptop!! That's all, and if possible, one of my favorite jackets!! I would save these if my house was on fire. 😛 The book sounds okay and the romance doesn't sound very promising, very apt and nice review 🙂

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