Antman (Movie Review)

Antman (Movie Review)
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Today I am going to be reviewing the 2015 Marvel release
of Antman for you! I am sure most of you know I am a huge fan of superhero
movies in general. But when it came to Antman I was very skeptical before I
went to see it. I didn’t like the idea. I mean, the power of being small and
managing ants? Didn’t sound like such a cool power to me and I could see myself
having the same affect Chappie had one me. I would find it hard to sympathise
with a character that wasn’t the normal kind of human. I don’t know why, but
when movies have slow motion points and I was supposed to sympathise with the
emotions of the robot, I couldn’t do it. I worried I would have the same
problem when it came to this miniature and yet equally as strong guy.
The movie is about a superhero who can shrink to the size
of ants and yet have the strength of a human. He can also control ants so they
can work with him. But someone else wants to have a similar kind of robot or
creature so that they can help win wars with it. When no one sees the attack
coming, it’s pretty hard to stop it. But the problem is, such power in the
wrong hands doesn’t bode well to Hank, who created the first Antman suit. It
all falls down to an unsuspected father to foil the company’s plot before it
turns out of hand.
The movie ended up being better than I had expected. But
I still wouldn’t classify it as ‘good’. When it comes to superhero movies, it
falls underneath Captain America, which makes it my worst superhero film. Oh
One thing I really did like was Paul Rudd’s acting. In
fact, he was definitely the star of the film. He played his character well and
in general I did like his character. A guy who just was released from prison
and wanted to go about the clean way in earning money so he could be the dad
his daughter would look up to. But then finds out that holding down a job with
a record like his isn’t easy.
Who I didn’t like was the female main character, who was
the daughter of Hank Pym, called Hope. She was played by Evageline Lilly and I
am not entirely sure exactly what it was, but I found her character to be whiny
and annoying. It seemed like she had a lot of the same characteristics as an
annoyed teenager when she was supposed to be an adult, and that bothered me
quite a bit. She didn’t impress me.
There was some humor in this film. At the beginning it
was simply too forced and well, I couldn’t laugh and instead found myself
rolling my eyes. But when it came towards the halfway point in the film, the
jokes suddenly became just right and I could laugh because they were actually funny.
The action was alright in itself, but it wasn’t too
spectacular. Most of it was done when he was in Ant form anyway, so it couldn’t
really be. And like I feared I would be unable to sympathise, it did happen. I
wasn’t happy with the slow motion sections and it didn’t interest me at all.
When they were fighting on a toy train set and they were mini it was supposed
to be funny and all. To me it just seemed sort of pathetic if I am honest
Of course the movie did have to go through the whole
‘this is the reason we can’t call the Avengers.’ Because usually when it comes
to problems like this, why wouldn’t they? But I was glad it did that though, so
fans like me couldn’t be picky about it 😀 And of course a guest Avenger had to
appear. But I really liked that part because it was one of my favourite
characters from Captain America 2.
Comment on the End
I don’t really need the promise of Antman coming back because
well, I wasn’t so intrigued. But I guess he will. And it was nice to see some
more guest Avengers.
I might be being harsh on this movie, but it was okay. I
might just have some high standards with superhero movies after Iron Man xD

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