Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Review)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Review)
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Title: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2)
Author: J. K. Rowling
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published Date: July 2, 1998
Rating: 3 stars
Synopsis: Harry is tired of the summer holidays, and
tired of the Dursleys. Just before the long anticipated term at Hogwarts, Harry
receives a strange visitor, who tells him he must not go back to Hogwarts,
because there will be great trouble for him if he does. Harry, dismayed,
shocked, and surprised returns to a year of Hogwarts, and to a disaster at
school. Everyone at Hogwarts is in danger of death, and the task falls to Harry
to rescue the entire school, while the school believes he is the cause of the
Review: After reading
this book, I am not sure if I want to keep on reading Harry Potter. And now I
am going to explain!
I love the
characters. I think this is something J. K. Rowling does exceptionally well.
Hermoine is definitely my favourite because she’s someone not everyone will
like because she is such a know it all, but then again she can be a good friend
as well. Then we have Ron, who is scared of nearly everything, but will really
stand up for his friends when need be. And we have Harry, of course, the main
character who things just seem to happen to.
This book is
definitely connected to the first. Things we learned in the first book are
explained, some things didn’t even need explaining. Once again, I have to say,
J. K. Rowling has managed to display her creativity and write a wonderful book.
But what didn’t
I like? I have noticed after reading these first two books that the books are
incredibly slow paced. It took me forever to read this one, and this isn’t even
a very thick book (in comparison to the future ones). It’s the fact that the mystery
is building all through the story, but slowly, without any real excitement in
it. All the excitement and suspense is saved until the very end and flies by in
a couple of pages. If it was spread out throughout the book I am sure this read
would be more enjoyable.
Another thing
is the fact that Ron breaks his wand in this book. All through the story we get
Harry saying it’s a shame Ron’s wand is broken, and yet Harry has an awful lot
of money in the bank! He never offered any, and for me that was very
frustrating. Yes, the Weasley’s may not have accepted the money because who
would take from a child? But then again, at least offer it! That frustration
combined with the pacing had to lower my rating.
As always this
book is set in Hogwarts which becomes more and more like a school I would love
to attend myself.
I rate this
book 3 stars because it was good, but the slow pace brought it down for me. I
am sure all ages can enjoy this book, and many already have.
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  • It's been a while since I've re-read the entire HP series but I do remember the second book to be the weakest of them all although I still loved it. I completely understand your feelings and it's okay. Not everybody must love the same books and yes, I also had thought many times why on earth Harry never offered himself to buy Ron a wand LOL

  • Ah, sorry you did not end up lovinh this one. I read and re-read it numerous times as a kid so I have a spot place for this book (and entire series). However, I have no idea how I would feel about it, if I read it for the first time now as an adult. Anyway, series gets better with every instalments so do not give up 🙂

  • I think the series gets better with each book. I'm not a huge fantasy fan, but I devoured these books. If you choose to stick it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed!.

  • I am pretty sure Harry didn't offer because he did not want to offend Ron. But, hey, that's just me. I am quite sad you won't go further with the series. J.K. is great when it comes to characters but she is also great at the whole story creating/universe building things. It's hard to observe that in the first two books since they are more children's books than YA, but she is really good at planning, trust me!

    I quite liked the slow paced of the first books because I was so interested in the magical world and Hogwarts! I think you might also feel this way because books these days seem to have one major story and just go towards it while the first Harry Potter books are more about Harry's experience at Hogwarts and less about fighting Voldemort.

    I would love for you to read the third book because it was (and still is in my top 3) my favourite Harry Potter book for such a long time!!

    Andreea Catsfika

    • A lot of people seem to agree with that idea. It's a shame I am not liking them even though I really wanted to. But I do think J.K. is amazing at world building and her creativity is vast. I'm not much for when things are too slow paced for me :/ In most fantasies I don't mind but for this one, it just isn't grasping my attention. I'll see about book three though! I've gotten quite a bit of encouragement to keep going so far.

  • Aww sorry you didn't care for this one that much girl! BUT I NEED for you to continue on with the series. At least give it a little bit of a try because you won't be disappointed. (Well, that is of course if you haven't already watched the movies then you pretty much know what's going to happen.) teehee And ME TOO I LOVED all the characters (in fact, watching the fourth movie now) 🙂 It's funny how much I can remember the names even after all the years after not reading the books! <3 xoxo

  • I really wanted you to like the books! But I have to allow that the first two are not the most exciting reads when you have outgrown the story. I did think why Harry doesn't slip in gifts for Ron since he has so much money. But Harry is someone who rarely thinks about money, and he also knows Ron enough that offering him something will only embarrass him.Ron is extremely touchy when it comes to his parent's apparent poverty.
    Ok let me stop defending Harry lol But I wish you keep reading, it gets better.

    • I really wanted to as well. I am hearing a lot of that, so I am hoping it is just the MG feel to it. I know he is, but I feel frustrated that he still didn't try. I am thinking about continuing, but not sure yet :/

  • You are definitely not having a great time with these books, huh? I haven't gone too far with the first book, unfortunately. Let's hope I'll have fare better with them. *fingers crossed*

  • I agree with you that Harry should have offered to buy Ron a wand. He can be quite self centered at times, but throughout the series he also has to deal with others pointing it out to him, which I really appreciated. I still love this second book (partly because of nostalgia probably), but I agree with Citra, the later books are better. My favorites are the last three.

  • I think the slow pace improve in the latest books. I've only read book 6 and 7 in the series and I remember them being quite fast-paced. It was a couple of years ago that I read them, so I might be wrong. Rowling is definitely a very talented writer. Even if you don't love everything aspect of her books, you're still very entertained.

  • Well, having read all the seven book, I have to admit book 2 is indeed the weakest of them all. I think Harry Potter is one of the very few series that gets better on its sequels. Oh, though I love this series, and I also wonder why Rowling had to put the most interesting part of the book the last few chapters *sighs*

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