Life Update – Sailing, London, Family and way too much Food!

Life Update – Sailing, London, Family and way too much Food!
Good morning everyone!
Before I start blogging about books and the like I wanted to tell you about how the first half of my summer went!
It started off with Sailing Camp with school. I can’t share too many pictures of that because I have friends in a lot of them and I don’t want to share anything they wouldn’t want to have up. But after four days, I learned I am not about the sailing life. I get motion sick so it wasn’t surprising I feel a bit queasy on a boat (not too bad though, thank goodness.) And when we weren’t sailing we were doing lots of other fun activities and I was able to enjoy that a lot, so it was still fun. 😀
Then we were off to London, my home city! It was great to be there. I got to spend a lot of time with my cousins, and other extended family. One of my grandmother’s lives in Jamaica so we don’t get to see her often. She was there, which was nice. And I saw my grandfather who is seriously ill at the moment, so it was good to go and visit him too.
Those are some of my youngest cousins. One of my older cousins also got married! (I have a very large extended family :P) I loved being at the wedding and it was a wonderful ceremony – definitely one of the best weddings I have ever been to. My oldest sister also graduated from university and soon starts her job as a nursing assistant in a cardiology unit, so we were over in Wales for her ceremony!
Had some sister time as well when me, one of my older sisters and my younger sister went into Central London and went to a museum! 
It was all about culture, and there was an exhibition about death as well. Although that was a serious and a bit of a saddening bit, there were some more light hearted art pieces as well. I managed to find one which is probably going to be the way I might end up as well…
As always when I go to England I eat a whole lot of the foods you can only get in England and not where I currently live. So we had Nandos which is the best, and I ate a lot of dried mango (heaven!). Cinnamon and sugar pretzels, Quaver crisps and MaccyD breakfasts are only a few of the things I ate and loved. 
Surprisingly I was in the country for a week and a half and didn’t go into a single bookshop and I didn’t buy a book! Maybe I was being good. Maybe my family were always with me and refused to let me into a single bookshop because ‘I already have too many books to read’. Maybe…
I did do a lot of reading though. You’ll be hearing about those books soon! And we saw the movie Antman, which you’ll hear more about later. 
Olivia’s Question: What have you been up to this summer?
Olivia-Savannah x

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