My Return & Brand New Memes!

My Return & Brand New Memes!
Hello there!

I have missed you wonderful people but now I am back and ready to enjoy the rest of the blogging year! I know, I know, I am back a whole month early. But I don’t have many plans for the rest of the summer and while I was away, I do admit I missed posting. So I thought, why not just come back early?

Remember that survey you took for me a while ago? Well, per your recommendation I have decided to sprice up the blog a bit more. A while back I added blog buttons as suggested. As well as that there will be goodreads and amazon links with every review. 

I also took into consideration which genres you wanted to see more of! Hopefully I can tackle those genres with about 5 books in each, from the ones you wanted to see the most and later on the ones you wanted to see the least. Oh, and I will continue reviewing a mix of new and old releases as requested!

The survey results helped an awful lot, so thanks to you guys!

I  have also decided to add some memes to my blog.

Olivia’s Catastrophe has been meme free since I have started blogging, even when I saw Top Ten Tuesday posts and Stacking the Shelves around. I decided I would make my own personal monthly haul posts and if I wanted to do any list posts like Top Ten Tuesday, I would do my own!

So, instead of joining other memes I have decided to make my own personal ones for the blog. They cover the kind of posts you wanted to see some more of. If you want me to make any of these memes open for other blogs to join in because you would want to participate, just let me know in the comments below!

Reviews and movie reviews will go meme-less, because we don’t need a meme for everything. And not every post will have one. Alas, here are the ones I made below!

Crafty and Cooking Messes – This one is for when I am going to share a recipe or a craft that I enjoyed doing! I don’t do much creative cooking or crafting but I would like to start this half of the year and can’t wait to do so. Which is why there is ‘mess’ in the title. It might end up looking like that. We’ll have to see how it goes.
Olivia’s Catastrophe – I hope this one looks familiar! It’s the one I already use for discussion posts, and I will continue doing so.

Olivia Snaps – I am going to be honest here. I am not a photographer. But I do take a lot of photographs of books and am busy experimenting with photography. As good as photography can get when you are using an iphone and nothing special. So you can tell me when I am doing a good job or failing, because I am sure you are all better at photography than my newbie self.

My Hoarding Catastrophe – I think you might’ve noticed now that when I do a monthly book haul it is slightly crazy. This one is going to be for book hauls (and they often include nail polish and a few DVDs as well). I find the title befitting xD

Nails Extravaganza – I made this one because I am also nail art crazy just as much as I am bookish and basketball crazy – which is why I am going to make more blog posts dedicated to nail polish colours, designs and videos! This meme is for that :3
Olivia’s Catastrophe: Are there any of these you want to join in with? How was your summer?
Olivia-Savannah x

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