Life Update: Paris Trip and Summer is Over…

Life Update: Paris Trip and Summer is Over…
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I know, it’s difficult. But it’s time to come to sharp realisation for me. School starts tomorrow and that means summer is officially over. Goodbye to the lazy days, the endless time for reading and all the fun I had traveling. Time to head back to the world of work, deadlines and well, school everyday. I shall survive… I hope!
But before we head back into the real world of school and work I am going to desperately cling onto those last moments of the summer by sharing some of my Paris pictures with you! I actually read the book Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins right before I left… and that definitely did something right for me. It made me SO excited, and even though we were only gone for six days my family and I managed to cram quite a lot into those six days. 
One of the first few things we did was take a boat trip down the Seine river and took a long walk. All across the Seine there are lovely bridges, some of which are covered with sparkling locks. Supposedly, if you add a lock to the bridge with a couple’s name on it that love is going to last forever. I didn’t add one of my own, but it has been a dream of mine to go and see them. I loved it there!

The next thing we did was go to the Museum of Rodin. I am someone who dropped the subject art, but before I did that we still studied one of his most famous works for a long time, which was The Thinker. The museum was pretty interesting, and it is impressive how many different sculptures he managed to make. We could also see how he had so many practices before he came to the finished work. His dream was always to have a museum dedicated to his works, but sadly he died before he could see his dream complete, and before he could finish one of the great pieces he was putting together.

Being the booklover that I am, I also really want to go and see Shakespeare and Co! It’s a lovely little English bookshop, and the books are literally everywhere. It’s such a wonderful atmosphere. Sadly, no pictures were allowed inside, so there is only one with me outside of it. 

This next thing is actually outside of Paris… but it was definitely the completion of my childhood! We went to Disneyland Paris and it was one of the highlights of my trip. It was less of a rollercoaster park like I expected it to be, but more so an experience to be part of the Disney fairytales. I love Disney and as mentioned, the movies were really part of my childhood. It was so nice to be there, and go on all the rides. There is also a parade in the evening which you really shouldn’t miss if you are there because you get to see all the characters and floats! Because of my little sister we were right at the front, and it was just a wonderful experience. 

 There was also the Notre Dame. We only spent a little bit of time there. I really did want to go up on the top but the queue was just hours long and well, we decided not to in the end. But it was such a magnificent building, especially on the inside. I was pretty impressed to know that they still hold Sunday services there and that it is still an active place of worship, which I didn’t know before. 

We also went to the Louvre museum! We had never been before and well, there is just SO much in there. I do believe the fact that if you wanted to glance at every piece in the museum it would take you nine months to get through everything. The queue was huge but we came before opening time and were one of the first people in there. Being a fan of Greek Mythology due to the Percy Jackson series and having always loved the Disney movie Hercules I loved the section where we were able to see the Greek pots. But there were just so many magnificent sights… from the Mona Lisa to the Venus de Milo and Napoleon’s Chambers. If you ever go to Paris, this is a museum which you should not miss!

On the morning that we were leaving we decided to squish in a very last visit to the Arc de Triomphe. We really wanted to go up high, so we could get a photograph of the view! It was great to see all of Paris from the top. The Eiffel Tower is in the background as well. We didn’t visit that because we had done so before.  

 I bought a bunch of souvenirs on the trip as well as three books in Shakespeare and Co which I shall save for the book haul this month! But I can definitely say that Paris has quickly become one of my top cities and if you ever have the chance to go, you definitely should!

Oliva’s Question: Have you ever been to Paris? Or what is your favourite city?
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