Olivia Snaps #2 ~ Till Death Do Us Part

Olivia Snaps #2 ~ Till Death Do Us Part

Good morning!

Olivia Snaps is my personal meme made for when I want to share some of my photography on the blog. 

This morning I wanted to show you some of the little photography I do. It’s not something I am very good at, but it a little side hobby of mine. I don’t have a special camera or anything – all my pictures are taken with my iPhone. Nonetheless, here are six of them. All of these come from my 365 day photo challenge which I am currently doing as well. 

Title: My Feet Read My Way Forwards

Title: Till Death Do Us Part

Title: Ik Geloof (I belive)

Title: Some sort of World out There

Title: Worn Shoes on the Ever Long Path

Title: Lay Me Down

That’s all the pictures I have for you today. I shall be back soon for more, and I hope you liked them. 
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Olivia’s Question: Are you a photographer? Or do you just like taking pictures every now and again?
Olivia-Savannah x

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