Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Oh my Sequels!

Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Oh my Sequels!
Hello there everyone!
Olivia’s Catastrophe is my personal meme for discussions. Today I have a discussion post about sequels. And this
time it is not going to be about sequels of books, but sequels of movies
instead! I bet you never saw that one coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

I usually like the first movie of a certain series. I
loved Kung Fu Panda, loved Madagascar, and loved Night at the Museum.
Excepting Kung Fu Panda, the sequels to the other movies
were pretty bad. Especially Night at the Museum!

The first movie was original and funny.  I am not really a Ben Stiller fan. When it
comes to his acting skills I dislike them for some reason, so I usually steer
clear of his movies. But in this movie he did a great job, and even though this
sort of had a Toy Story theme going on, I loved the concept of these creatures
coming to life. The monkey that continuously slapped him had me laughing, and
there was also a serious plot that made me interested in how the movie was
going to end out! I loved Robin Williams role in this movie as well. The
characters were well done and in the end of this movie I knew I was going to
watch it again. And again.
So what was so wrong with the second movie?
It was recycled. I felt like there were scenes and
certain things that they tried to put into this movie again to make it link up and
seem just as good as before. There were scenes with the monkey and slapping
involved, but it was boring this time around. I felt like they had just reused
the same relationship and moment for the sake of being funny, and then suddenly
it wasnโ€™t anymore.
I felt like the woman in the second movie was supposed to
fulfill the role Robin Williams had done before as well, which made it seem
like another recycled plot line. I canโ€™t remember everything that happened in
the second movie simply because it wasnโ€™t a memorable story. I felt like they
were trying too hard with jokes and it turned out to fall flat for me.
What do they go and do instead? They go and make a Night
at the Museum 3. I am not looking forward to watching that one at all (but
knowing me, I probably will end up watching it).
There are some movies which seem to make a sequel just
because they want to earn some more money, and that is why they are so similar
to the first one. So that they can be equally as successful. When companies do
that it bothers me a lot.
There are some amazing sequels, like Kung Fu Panda 2.
They had a new villain, a completely unique plot line. There were the same
relationships and characters but they were tested again, and there was
something new Po had to discover about himself instead of the same storyline as
before. Everything was different, but some themes were carried through to keep
the connection between the two movies alive. That is what makes a good sequel.
Knowing me there will be another post about book sequels
and trilogies soon, so make sure you look out for that one ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Video! Book review of Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski!

Oliviaโ€™s Question: What is the worst movie sequel you
have ever seen?
Olivia-Savannah x

32 thoughts on “Olivia’s Catastrophe ~ Oh my Sequels!”

  • I think the worst sequel I have ever seen has to be the 3rd winx movie, journey to the abyss. The first two were legend and then they changed characters that we had stuck with for seasons and seasons because they weren't 'cute' enough so they completely erased them and replaced them and made some more annoying. I literally was snoring because the plot line was so boring and had to turn it off half way through. What a horrible way to continue such a wonderful movie sequel which I grew up with.
    This is the first blog I have seen with a video in it. It is a lot less lengthy and easier to stay with when you say it in a video. To be honest I can't really remember night in the museum that well because the first and last time I saw it was when I was seven in Jamaica still.

    • Ah, when they do a sudden change like that it can be so frustrating! I am sorry to hear it was such a bad change for you… and that you disliked them after that.

      I forget sometimes that you were still so young when we went to Jamaica… must have been hard to remember!

  • Sequels can either be hit or miss. Sometimes because the original was such a success, there's an unnecessary need to make sequel. For example I love the Thor original movie but did not like the sequel. I actually liked Iron Man 1 and 2, but did not like Iron Man 3. The Avengers 1 and 2 were actually good and but have to admit there were a little too many story lines going on in the sequel. Loved the original Men in Black but I could've done without the next two movies following it. See, hit or miss. And usually the problem with sequels is that it's not so much as being treated as a new movie. Like you said, story lines are being recycled. I don't mind having previous story lines/themes from the original carrying over to the new sequel as long as it has a new plot and overarching stakes.

    • I am with you when it comes to Thor. Although I did like how much Loki was present in the first movie, it wasn't nearly as good as the first one. I have never seen more than the first Iron Man so I have a while to get to there. I did like Avengers 1 and 2 like you mentioned, but there /were/ a lot of subplots which made things a bit confusing.

      Generally, it's a hit or miss and it is a shame that sometimes I feel like I am getting more misses than hits…

  • Hmm… I don't watch that many original film series', I guess, because the movies that are part of a series are all from books I've read and loved- I don't watch the film if I stopped liking the series!- which I suppose makes it pretty easy for me. The discussion on book series' is one I'll await eagerly, though, because that's a completely different discussion and one I can interact with much more throughly!
    In general, though, sometimes series' in film can work out so well, but, like you said, sometimes not. Most of the time the first remains my favourite, though. xx

  • You're absolutly right sequels tend to be terrible except for Kung Fu Panda. I think there's so much to live up to that in the end producers don't know what to do with their movies. There's a lot of pressure. They try everything and anything while trying to please viewers but it turns out to be a disaster.

    Also, sometimes, they just don't know when to stop. They try to milk the cow as much as possible because they can without wondering about whether the material they're producing is any good.

    I know that either next year or maybe later, they'll be a third Kung Fu Panda. I hope it won't be a mess. It's one of my favorite animated movie.

    • I know what you mean about milking it. That's why we have some movies with like 8 or 6 sequels and they really don't need that many because they have stopped being unique. I have heard that about Kung Fu Panda and I have loved the two latest movies so much, I am so nervous!

  • Great discussion, Olivia-Savannah! I think we have very different movie tastes though. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought the Night of the Museum trilogy only got better with each movie and the second one with Amelia Earhart was my favourite! Kung Fu Panda 2 on the other hand… *shudders* I wasn't a fan of it. Oh well, I agree in the long shot. Animated movies make better standalones than series.

  • I never noticed this before girl but….danngggg you are absolutely RIGHT! Which is probably one of the main reasons I never even finished Night at the museum 2 and to hear they're making another one? Eh…I may pass on this one. You're SO RIGHT about the recycled scenes and that they tried waayyyy roo hard to make it funny but it only made it fall flat.

    • I can't really remember too much about the movie exception thinking it was basically a repeat of everything before XD I kind of didn't bother to remember it xD It's a shame it wasn't as great as it potentially could have been?

  • Horrible Bosses 2, The Hangover 2&3, are some good examples of bad sequels. They weren't as funny as the first movie to me. It's like they tried too hard. There are plenty more, but those are the ones that popped right up when I thought about the topic.

  • I usually don't trust sequels because I feel they won't live up to the expectations and most of the time, that's the most likely outcome. It's sad really because in a way, it also takes the enjoyment you felt with the story and characters. But we all know the movie industry…. money is everything they think about and there is nothing we can do about it. Well, we could stop watching the sequels but they probably wouldn't care hahaha

  • I guess the pressure is on to create something that will be as commercial as the original movie, so the sequel(s) become more about the money and less about the story. And that's where they screw up.

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