The Fast and Furious (Movie Review)

The Fast and Furious (Movie Review)
Hello there, everyone!
It took me a while to get around to writing this movie
review and I don’t even know why. Today I am going to tell you about an old
movie, made in 2001 which I’m sure you’ve heard of called ‘The Fast and the
Furious.’ It stars two notably famous actors called Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.
The movie follows Dominic Toretto [Vin Diesel] who owns the streets when it
comes to road-racing with his gang. His rival and him are the boldest and
baddest and of course, the best. But then a detective is set on their case to
infiltrate and inspect the group about some criminal activity has been going
on. What will he find out?
What I loved so much about this film was that before it I
had no interest in cars AT ALL prior to watching this one. I still don’t know all
the details about the way a car particularly works, but after seeing this film
I am perfectly open to watching more racing films and I love the idea of
someday sitting in a really REALLY fast car. I don’t want to drive it of course
O.O (that’s just scary thinking…) but I wouldn’t mind sitting in it to
experience the feeling myself. All the cutting and filming around the cars was
just done expertly.
Also, I am someone who is really interested in gangs in
general. I love knowing how they work, especially the type of gangs who turn
out to be more like family than they are with their real family, or because
they don’t have one themself. I felt like this film brought that element in really
well, and showed us what it’s like to be in a family-ish-gang-combination 😀
There is quite a bit of action in this one, but all of
that revolves around the cars. Yet, I still found it to be pretty intriguing.
Also, there is a lot of features of ‘girls’ in the typical way that happens in
movies which are more so directed towards guys. 
I’m never a huge fan of it, but I overlooked it in this movie and could
also appreciate how they had two female characters who knew their way around
cars and how to drive just as well as the men could.
My face when I think about cars now…
I strongly advise you watch it, even if cars aren’t
necessarily your thing. The movie runs for about 102 minutes and was directed
by Rob Cohen. It’s rated a 15 and I would definitely give it five stars.
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