Coco Caramel & 172 Hours on the Moon (Mini Reviews)

Coco Caramel & 172 Hours on the Moon (Mini Reviews)
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Today I have two mini reviews for you, so let’s get started! I have been reading a lot and have a lot of reviews waiting in the wings to be spurned out onto the blog 😀

Title: Coco Caramel (The Chocolate Box Girls #4)

Author:  Cathy
Publisher:  Penguin
Published Date: 6th June 2013
Rating: 4 stars
Synopsis: Another
delicious book in the Chocolate Box Girls series from bestselling girls’ favourite,
Cathy Cassidy. Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters and while she
thinks she’s the most sensible, she’s as headstrong as any of them. Coco is
crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons. When Caramel her favourite
pony at the stables is sold, Coco scopes out the new owner – and she’s not
happy about what she discovers. Coco needs to rescue Caramel from a horrid
fate. With big sister Honey going off at the deep end and Summer only just
recovering from her eating disorder, there’s no-one at Tanglewood to help Coco
out. Can she do it alone – or will a new friend help her? A perfect next step
for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, by the bestselling author of Angel Cake and
Ginger Snaps.
Review: I am
someone who usually sticks to adult or young adult fiction and never really dip
into books below that age range. As a child and younger ages teen I did read a
lot of Cathy Cassidy books as I grew up – and by that I mean all. She still
does classify as YA though, although more so the younger kind. Either way, her
books still have a mature feel to them that I have always been able to enjoy. I
read the previous three books in this series before I started blogging which is
why I am suddenly reviewing the fourth book. Each of these books do link up are
all so individual that I think they can be read as standalones as well.
This book follows the youngest sister of the family,
called Coco. She is into looking after animals and wants to save all the
endangered creatures. She finds it hard to struggle with the fact that most
people find her too young to do anything by herself, or think she won’t be
committed. As well as that, all her friends have suddenly become interested in
make-up and boys, none of them are interested in saving animals like her! As
well as having some family problems going on at school, there is a mean boy
called Lawrie in her class. He makes sure to be particularly cruel to Coco,
even though she tries her best to be nice to her. Can Coco get along with
Lawrie or has she bitten off more than she can chew this time?
I love Coco’s character so much because even though she
is quite young, she is heart-strong and just begging to be an independent
person. She gets looked down on too much. And even though she is supposed to be
ten or eleven in the book, I am sure so many other older teenagers like me can
relate to this. Don’t we all want a bit of independence and what to feel like
we are taken seriously? As well as this, Cathy Cassidy also manages to create a
lovely romance in her stories that will have your heart fluttering.
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Title: 172 Hours on the Moon
Author:  John Harstad
Publisher:  Little, Brown Books for Readers
Published Date: 15th September 2008
Rating: 1 stars
Synopsis: Three teenagers are going on the trip of a lifetime. Only one is coming back. It’s been more than forty years since NASA sent the first men to the moon, and to grab some much-needed funding and attention, they decide to launch an historic international lottery in which three lucky teenagers can win a week-long trip to moon base DARLAH 2.
Review: I am going to be honest and say I didn’t like this book, at all. It was incredibly hard for me to push through. 
The book is told from multiple points of view (it seems
to randomly jump from one to another) although the point of view that returns
the most is Mia’s. The story follows three teens who win a trip to the moon
with NASA, after no one has been there for many years. But there is something
else on the moon, and there is a reason why no one has ever been back, until
There only seemed to be one good thing about this book, and that was the ending. The ending was something even I didn’t expect, with a pretty chilling plot twist. I
am glad I kept reading it all the way to the end because that at least made the
book a little bit more worthwhile.
And now for my list of problems with this story: Firstly,
I didn’t see any character development really. The story switched points of
view so much we didn’t get a clear view on anyone’s personality or how they developed. That means I didn’t feel much for the characters at all and felt
sort of distant. What didn’t help was that the storyline wasn’t
amazingly compelling either. If the plot is lacking in some books, they can get away with
awesome characters, and vice versa, but this book had neither.
At the beginning of the book there is a lot of
preparation needed before the kids can go up to space, which I find very
realistic. The book kind of time jumps over all these training sessions except
one. It would’ve been the perfect place to develop relationships and characters
I think, in working with zero gravity for the first time or something. Instead
the time jumps seemed random and kind of sudden. And the lessons they did show
us were so packed with boring information I started to scan over it and well,
it wasn’t exciting at all. Unless you are personally into all that space stuff.
I generally haven’t been able to enjoyed many translated books and am a strong believer of the fact that things do get lost in translation. I didn’t know that this one was translated until I started writing this review, so maybe that has something to do with it? I would also say that this book, although classified for
young adults is more of a middle grade read. It seemed
like I would’ve been more excited, petrified and just generally enjoyed this
book more if I was younger. 
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Olivia’s Question: If you could go to the moon, would you do so?
Olivia-Savannah x

26 thoughts on “Coco Caramel & 172 Hours on the Moon (Mini Reviews)”

  • No I wouldn't go to the moon, I read this book – I actually didn't mind it!! But it freaked me out a little plus the whole travelling to it would not be my idea of a good time! I think the end of the book was definitely better than the first half but that ending was a bit woah, I really need to know what happened after it.

  • I don't know about that one. It was just not my kind of book :/ But I am looking for better space ones to keep me interested in that type of book because at this current moment I feel like giving up on space related things 🙁

  • Oh darn, I'm sorry that second one was a disappointment! It sounds a bit sketchy in the plot for me- NASA sending teenagers to the moon when there's something unsafe there? That seems beyond unlikely, and I do like some level of realism to my stories, at least enough that I can go along with the idea. Definitely doesn't sound like it was a winner for you. Hopefully you find a better fit with a space story, though, so you get some good memories! xx

  • OMG THAT LITTLE DUCK @#&$bA^* I JUST CAN'T <3 <3 <3
    I haven't read any of these, although The Chocolate Box Girls series sounds really nice!
    I agree with you that a lot of things get lost in translation, when I was a kid I had to read in Spanish, so that meant lots of translated books, and nowadays I always prefer to read the original if I'm able.

    Lipstick and Mocha

  • Oh gosh. And I was so looking forward to reading 172 Hours. It looks so interesting! After that lunar eclipse that we just had, I had the craving to read something space-y. So I picked up Seveneves again. I'm having a better time at it this time around. Those Sci-Fi books sure are tricky!

    • Maybe you will be able to enjoy it more than I did? I just couldn't find a liking for it. I know what you mean about being infected with the space-y mood though! I definitely have been. I haven't read that one before but it sounds cool.

  • I haven't read any of the Cathy Cassidy books but they seem like something I would have enjoyed when I was younger. My childhood was dominated by Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and Roald Dahl.
    The second book doesn't sound like much of a space thriller. Also, I'm not very found of the head hopping technique unless it is not more than two. It's sad you didn't enjoy it much.
    I probably wouldn't go to moon, I feel I have way too many things to do right now. XD But when I'm 40? Definitely!

  • The first book is not something I would pick up now for at least you enjoyed it and I was so surprised to see your 1 star rating on 172 Hours on the Moon because although I've heard mixed things, most people I know seemed to liked it and got the chills after the ending which I see didn't leave you indifferent. I didn't know it was a translated work as well :/ and about your question…. the moon is great, from a far. We are here and the moon is there for a reason LOL

  • Awwww but the second book looked like it actually had more promise to it especially since it takes place off earth! But I'll be honest girl, I'm SO not a fan of multiple POV books in which it seems like it is bouncing around from place to place. No thank you!

  • Both great reviews! I liked how you still like Cathy Cassidy's books even though you're older than when you first started reading them. Too bad for 172 Hours on the Moon. Seems like from the premise this could have been better. Either way, I loved the little snoozy duck! 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
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  • Hi Olivia-Savannah my answer would be yes! I would love to travel out of space it would an amazing thing to do!

    I also have a blog and I would love you to check it out. I only have one entry but you did say you like nail polish and in one of my links I did mention nail polish. Here is my link to my blog and I hope you enjoy!

    xoxo Tianya

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