Fall Time Cozy Book Tag!

Fall Time Cozy Book Tag!

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I was tagged by Soudha @ Of Stacks and Cups and Anissa @ The Bookworm Central to do this tag. I love the idea of it because Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons and orange is my favourite colour as well. I feel a very strong urge to change the title to the Autumn Time Cozy Book Tag but I’ll just have to let my Britishess ride for this one and leave it as it is…

This tag was originally created by Sam from Novels and Nonsense! Now let’s begin!

Crunchy Leaves! The world is full of color. Choose a book that has reds, oranges or yellows on the cover.

The book I decided to go with here was my copy of Mockingjay. I love the orange shading in it, and it perfectly represents Katniss as the Girl on Fire. Honestly, I don’t think there is a better cover for this book. 
Cozy Jumper! It’s finally cold enough to don warm, cozy clothing. What book gives you the warm fuzzies?

As soon as I saw the words ‘warm fuzzies’ I knew my selection for this category was going to be a romance. Anna and the French Kiss is one I was up until the early hours of the morning finishing and I loved the romance. This one restored my faith in YA romances ^.^
Fall Autumn Storm! The wind is howling and the rain is pounding. Choose your favorite book or genre that you like to read on a stormy day.

I am sure the majority of people would choose a calming book for this answer because you want to calm yourself in a storm. However, I went for a book which has an edge-of-the-seat action and suspense level. I think reading this while a storm is going on would frighten me like crazy and increase that reading experience! I had to choose Fear by Michael Grant, the fifth book in an all time favourite series of mine. 
Cool Crisp Air. Who’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with?

I didn’t even have to think about this one. It would have to be Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series. First of all, we are so similar! I am also afraid of spiders and apparently a child of Athena. Secondly, Percy. Yes. Camp Half-blood. Yes. Adventures. Yes. Can someone please make this happen?
Hot Apple Cider. What under-hyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing?

I have to say it would be The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner. I can’t completely remember what it is about because it has been years since I read it, but I remember LOVING it like crazy and wanting to shove it at everyone to read. So yes, it deserves to be a lot better known!
Coats, Scarves and Mittens. The weather has turned cold and it’s time to cover up. What’s the most embarrassing book cover you own that you like to keep hidden in public?

If the cover is actually cringe-worthy then I probably own it on my Kindle because that way no one can actually see what I am reading while I’m reading xD I’m not a reader of books that have embarrassing covers in general though because I tend to stay away from those genres due to reading preference already. But this is a book I won in a mystery pack of books giveaway, so I didn’t even know what it was until I got it! I still kinda am going to be reading it though because it has me interested… And that is Chained by Night by Larissa Ione. 
Pumpkin Spiced Latte. What’s your favorite Fall Time comfort food or drink?

EARL GREY TEA! Honestly, why is that even a question? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, this is the thing I will always drink. Even in summer. Oh, and this is my new favourite brand of this tea too: 
Warm, Cozy Bonfire. Spread the cozy warmth! Who do you tag?

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Olivia’s Question: What underhyped book do you think deserves more attention?
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