Invisible Wings (Review & Giveaway!)

Invisible Wings (Review & Giveaway!)
Title: Invisible Wings
Author: Janell Rhiannon
Publisher: Self-published
Published Date: 9th January 2014
Rating: 3 Stars

Psst! Remember how I reviewed All the Bright Places in the previous post? Well, I buddy read it with Lekeisha @ Lekeisha the booknerd and she wrote this wonderful review that is well worth your time as well!

*Thank you to the author for the review copy*
Synopsis: Life seldom unfolds the way you expect.
Despite our best efforts, it can wind up in a tangled mess. We lose hope. Faith
fades. And then suddenly, in the midst of despair, a door opens, an answer is
given, or a new path is cleared because we’re not alone…sometimes angels walk
among us.

Arabella’s mother already thinks she’s a little crazy, so when a mysterious
Presence fills her with a blinding light, she keeps it to herself. She’s given
a heartbreaking mission. She spends her days among her fellow classmates,
listening to their secret prayers and waiting for the moment of

Arabella understands that life is messy, complicated, and beautiful. The way
she guides her fellow classmates will ultimately surprise you.

Love emerges from the mess. Hope emerges from the chaos. Faith emerges from the
strength to endure.

12 destinies
12 twilights
12 lives that will never be the same

Review: I requested this one for review almost directly after I
finished reading Uncross the Stars by this author. I just wanted to try some
more of her works and was so glad to find out she had another book out there!
This one wasn’t what I expected, but it was still enjoyable.
We were thrown right
into the story where Arabella (what a beautiful name!) has her birthday and
discovers she is an angel. I thought the way it happened was pretty cool, but
the only problem I had with it was that Arabella seemed to take it a little bit
too well. She isn’t featured as a main character for much of the novel, so I
wanted to get to know her as she came to terms with what she was. But she seems
to slide into the skin of an angel naturally which was a bit disappointing.
When I said this book
wasn’t what I was expecting, I am referring to the fact that it wasn’t so much
about Arabella but more so each chapter was a mini story. It told the story of
a teenager hurting for some reason or another (it could be mourning, anger,
lack of love, or anything!) and Arabella was there to help solve the issue. It
was not always solved the way you might think it would be to be a happy ending,
and I think this book manages to show that sometimes in order to reach the best
solution, some pain is necessary. I wasn’t expecting it not to be about
Arabella, so that was a surprise to me!
The stories are told
with Arabella watching, which gave them all a kind of distant feel to it
because we don’t really get too close to the characters – we only know them
through what Arabella sees. Even though she can see everything, I did feel like
we lost an element of closeness there. But then again, the stories that were
told were heart-breaking and I was easily able to relate to a lot of them,
which made me feel closer to the characters again.
As I was saying, these
stories are really geared to young adults. They are about teenager problems.
There are about 12 stories of various characters told here, and I think each
teenager could find at least one that they could relate to somewhere. I also
know that the author managed to get the ideas of all these stories from
students in her class, which means that they have elements of truth in them.
There could not be a way to make this more realistic than it is!
I loved the way there
was a comparison between angels and humans, and they the conclusion was that
they were pretty similar. Everyone loves the idea of being like an angel, but I
do believe we have angel like qualities if we strive for it. It also compares
the description of an angel to a teenager as well. It was great 😀
Sometimes the meaning
and message of a story was told to us at the end and I didn’t want that,
because as a reader I wanted to be able to think about it and make
interpretations myself. But yes, there were also stories where there was space
for that too.
Poetry mentions? = Bonus points!
And lastly, this book
definitely gets bonus points for there being poetry mentions! I feel like
poetry needs more attention, so I support novels that mix them in there. She
included a nice sonnet and also an excerpt to a lovely poem by Lord Tennyson.
You should definitely check it out!
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