The Butler (Movie Review)

The Butler (Movie Review)
Hi there people!
The other day I re-watched a movie for the second time,
and this time I just had to write a movie review. I wasn’t going to before,
when I first saw it. I don’t know why – maybe because I was tired and it was
late at night, but this film was just so much more emotional the second time
round. The movie in question is The Butler, 2013. It follows the life of Cecil Gaines, who
grew up on a cotton farm and had the cruel acts of discrimination acted against
him as a child. He runs away from the south in an attempt to create a better
future for the family he is going to have. Somehow he manages to become a
butler in the White House, and serves multiple presidents as the civil rights
movement unfolds around him.
I think this film might mean so much to me because I kept
thinking of the people who died for us (people like me) to be here in this house right now,
receiving equal wages and walking freely on the streets and being able to feel
safe. So many sacrificed their lives, had their families torn apart and
suffered for the world to be what it is today. And that really digs deep.
What I admire so much about this movie is that although
it runs through all the presidents and other historical events – like the KKK,
The Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the Vietnam war in
detail, it also manages to show the culture. It goes through the times where
disco comes into style, a bit of Michael Jackson, a bit of afros and dangly
hoop earrings. The movie really goes through all the time periods with great
costuming, music choice for background effect and… it just really goes all out.
One more amazing thing – this movie is loosely based on
the true story of Eugene Allen. He worked at the white house for 34 years
during the same time periods. His wife and him were invited to a state dinner,
just as Cecil and his were in the movie, and so many other elements were
included as well.
At the end of the movie I just felt like I had been on
such emotional journey myself. When they announced Obama as president I felt
like crying; I really I did. I applaud Oprah Winfrey for her final scene in the
movie because it was perfect. The moment when she looked up as she reached for her
purse touched me to the heart. They described elderly life just as I imagined
it to be.
There is an age of a 16 on this film, but I really
recommend it to anyone who wants to watch it. It’s one of those movies that
really should be more well known. There are famous actors/actresses in it like
Oprah Winfery, David Oyelowo, Alex Pettyfer, Cuba Gooding (Fighting
Temptations), Lenny Kravitz (The Hunger Games, Cinna) and Robin Williams,
amongst many others. The film was directed by Lee Daniels.

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Olivia’s Question: What would be the first thing you would do if you went to the White House?

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