Crafty and Cooking Messes: Alice in Wonderland Artwork

Crafty and Cooking Messes: Alice in Wonderland Artwork
Hello everyone ^.^
Today I really wanted to have prepared a proper cooking and crafty messes post for you all. I really have been neglecting this meme and basically haven’t had much time for it at all – which is why I wanted to have prepared something. But life has been hectic and that hasn’t happened yet, which is why today I am going to share some Alice in Wonderland inspired drawings with you all instead. I drew these in the summer holiday, which was a while back, but I did always intend to share them with you. Which is why you can see some of my process as to how I get to the final drawings as well! Hope you enjoy.
So first I decided to draw a child version of Alice in a kneeling cute position. This is the sketch I used to get the form of what the body should look like. 
I got a little distracted with this drawing because I had never drawn a character in this position, and it was pretty hard for me! I ended up forgetting to take more photos. But this is the finished result in black and white. 

And now with colour!
The second drawing I made was a young adult kind of Alice. She’s a teenager, and she is lying down and surrounded by cards and so on. I wanted to have her in a lying position, but not in an easy one. I also wanted to put some more focus on her dress and outfit. So this is the beginning sketch of her body and position.

Then I focused on making her face and her expression. When it comes to manga drawing (the type of art I am best at) I really like the face and hair the most. I put a lot of time into her eyes and hair. I wanted a big and flourishing hairstyle as well. 

The next thing I did was work on her dress. I did this before I finished her hair and some other parts of her body because I knew it was going to be the front part of the picture. Her hair would fall behind her dress, and her legs were underneath it, so I felt like doing what was going to be a forward focus first. I put a lot of time and detail into the dress, and that took me more than an hour to get finished and right! I looked at a lot of Alice in Wonderland pictures to know what kind of dress design I wanted as well. 
Afterwards it was time to put in her legs and and arms. Once I did that I got to out a lot of time and effort into her hair which again, took me quite a while. Usually Alice is wearing trainers or simple shoes, but my Alice is cool, so she is wearing books with have a space-themed kind of design. She’s also holding the pocket watch in one hand and a bottle of something labelled ‘eat me’ in the other. Don’t ask me how she is supposed to eat something that comes out of a bottle – I don’t think I was thinking too carefully when I added in that detail.  
Finished the background as the next time! She is now surrounded by lots of flying cards. I challenged myself to make one or two of them Queens and Jokers where you could actually identify them. I had a bit of fun with that. This was quickly turning out to be one of my best drawings, so I put time into it. 
I took some “finished” photos and close ups at this stage because this was a favourite drawing of mine and I wasn’t sure about adding colour to it… but I did in the end, as you’ll see in the last picture. 

This is the final drawing with some colour to it as well! I colour with colouring pencils, so the most fun I had with this was trying to add in lots of shades to her hair, and decided to make the dress white for the most part, with some darker colours mixed in there. 

I hope this post was still fun for you! I’ll work harder at the cooking and crafting soon, I promise x

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Olivia’s Question: Do you like drawing or colouring?

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