Dear Stephen King

Dear Stephen King
Dear Stephen King,
I am writing this because I would very much like to talk
to you at this moment, and I am probably going to end up posting this on my
blog because well, you don’t have a public email address and in all honesty I
could not figure out the message board on your website. I know you probably
won’t get it, but whatever, because I am writing it.
You shouldn’t really write to an author if you haven’t
read their books yet, or at least one of them. Well, exactly 7 minutes since I
am writing this sentence I finished reading On
I still don’t feel like I have read one of your works though, even
if you did write it, simply because
it wasn’t one of your fiction ones. I will eventually though because I bought Bag of Bones for 50c in a market the
other day. I’m not really sure what it’s about (I’m not very good with
synopses, I just tend to either go, “Ooh pretty cover let’s read that,” or “I
just want to try this one. Dunno why.”) I saw your name and knew I wanted to
try one of your books at some point, and seeing as it was cheap I thought “Why
I started your book 6 months ago, then got bored around
page 80 (sorry, I am sure you don’t want to hear your book is boring) and then
picked it up today randomly while I was eating breakfast. Then I read the whole
thing in one sitting. Did I agree with all your writing advice? No. Some of it
I did, and some of it I didn’t. But that’s how things are with everyone – you
can’t always agree on everything even if one of them is Stephen King. Lots of the advice I had already heard around but
what I liked most about reading it was that I liked seeing how it implied
personally to you. If that doesn’t make me sound too stalkerish.
The best bit in my opinion was a couple of pages at the
end. I’m not sure you will like some appealing to your retelling of your
accident as ‘the best bit’ but it’s the truth. I’m not saying I can relate to
this (I have been hit by a car more
than once but I was cycling and well the effects were never terribly bad) but I
feel like I can on some level. I inwardly cringed when hearing the diagnosis of
your injuries. But that wasn’t the ‘best’ bit I had mentioned. It was the
I have a younger sister who is disabled and they say she
won’t be able to walk again (believing that is another matter. I always have
hope) and well, any kind of disability is one that I feel like I can understand
even if I am not my little sister. I have been at her side through the highs
and the lows, and when she needs something she is probably calling me to get
it. I don’t mind that. But well, hearing your recovery story was uplifting. I
like how you pulled through it. I like how you went back to writing. I also
like how your wife was (and probably is) so supporting. If you ever do read
this, make sure you say hi to her from me. I’m not quite your fan yet, though I might be after reading a fiction book
of yours. But through reading On Writing I
did become a fan of hers.
I’m working on my own novel called Eyes Wide Shut and I have a message I want it to deliver, which is
something I feel quite strongly about. I’m not going to be sharing the details
online because all kind of idea-thieves are out there, but even if your advice
didn’t tell me anything new because I’d heard it one way or another, it did motivate
me with my writing some more and I have a few new ideas of where I can take it
after this.
So thank you for that.
Now let me go try and put some more effort in working
that message board. It would be nice to leave it there even if you don’t see it
in the end.
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Olivia-Savannah x

40 thoughts on “Dear Stephen King”

  • I love this post <3 I've repeatedly tried to read a Stephan King book but I never get past few pages (because you know, sorta boring). But I love what you said about this one in particular and how it motivated you and inspired you. Such books are hard to come by and when you do you hold it close and cherish the feeling.

  • I really liked On Writing, it was a weird memoir – writing advice combination and it was great. I for one really like King's storytelling style. His books are far from being my favourite, but when I pick up one I do enjoy it tremendously!

  • Oh Olivia I love this so much, I remember you mentioning your little sister before, and I'm so happy that you guys are so strong, and I can only pray she'll get better in time! My mom has a ton of Stephen King novels, and I read some when I was super young, but I can't remember if I actually finished them lmao. I do want to pick up some of his latest works though!

  • LOL! Did you just tell SK his message board sucks! >_< All jokes aside, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love this review in the form of a letter. This review is very intimate because I've come to know more about you: your injuries (which I'm glad to hear you're well), and your sister. She's very luck to have you. Much love, ~L

  • Hey Olivia,
    Thank you so much for writing this blog post! I've been wanting to read this for ages now but I've never been motivated enough and wasn't sure if it was any good. Your letter and opinions have really changed my mind and I'm planning on reading it after I've read my current read! I might even try out some of his horror novels:)

  • Ollivviiaaaaaaaa. 🙂 I'm super guilty in that I've NEVER, EVER, EVVERRR read a Stephen King book! I know, I know, but one thing about reading this lovely letter is that you've encouraged me to finally pick up one of his books (maybe even one of his thrillers??) I can't wait to get started! I'm also going to buy this writing book by him for myself for Christmas! Ahh so much to read and so little time! <3

  • first of all I will never understand how Stephen King became so popular.. he cannot write worth a shit.. and my advice on writing is don't listen to anyone .. especially a character like Stephen King..

    • I think even if we don't like one person's way of writing we should always be respectful of it nonetheless! Advice is always just that, advice and not something you have to follow rule for rule. But do remember to be respectful <3

  • I have one of his books – a short story compilation. I wanted to get a feel for his writing, so I've never really attempted to read any of his full-length novel. I am curious about On Writing, though.

  • I know this letter was addressed to Stephen King but I wanna thank you for sharing it with all of us and I do hope your sister can get better because hope is the last thing we lose 🙂
    The only book by Stephen King I've read is Carrie and I really enjoyed it but I'm not sure I'll have the guts to read more of his work. I'm scared to be scared hahaha and no, I have never written to an author though there are a couple I'm dying to but I just don't know what to say.
    Good luck with your novel as well ^^

  • Stephen King is the king of horror, so I hope you get to try his fiction books soon. I don't read them these days because I'm not a fan of the genre anymore, but I will read the occasional creepy book. I'm afraid of clowns because of King's version, and my brother used to scare me with lines from the book when we were younger. "They all float down here" has to be the most creepy line ever! I've never written to an author but I've thought about it.

  • I read a lot of his books when I was in my teens and I loved them all but as I became older they started to bore me so I haven't read any of his recent books. The last one I got stuck with and couldn't finish reading was "It", that's how long it's been!

  • 'On Writing' is the only Stephen King book I've read too, but I really enjoyed it, and felt very inspired by it. As you say, a lot of the writing advice is quite run-of-the-mill stuff you can find anywhere else, and the first part (his life story) did lose my interest a couple of times, but the end was very uplifting. Good luck with your own novel!

  • Hi, Olivia – I don't read too many Stephen King books because generally, I don't read horror. I have read and enjoyed 11/22/63. It was more time travel and not horror. It's a long book though, clocking in at a little more than 800 pages. 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

  • I have no idea that you have been writing a novel! I wish you all the best with it 🙂
    Anyway, I am huge fan of Stephen King, I read plenty of his fiction novels but I have never read On Writing (I guess it is not for ordinary readers anyway). But I know that he teaches creative writing at some university so one would think that his "advices" should be helpful, right? So I am glad to hear that you were able to take at least something from On Writing!

  • I've only read The Shining and I didn't like it (*waits for Stephen King fans to kill me*). I think I'm just not a huge fan of horror.

    I've only written to authors through email, twitter, facebook, etc… but never a long letter like you did. Although if there was a way to contact my favorite author (Eoin Colfer, of course!) I would. He did like one of my facebook posts once, though so… 😀

    And good luck with your novel! ♥

    • Oh… it's a shame you couldn't like it, but maybe horror isn't the book genre for you. I have written to some authors before, but much shorter letters and messages than this one! I think this is by far the longest. And it's so cool that Colfer did that! Thank you, Stephanie <3

  • I have a lot of his books, but still haven't read any (sorry!) I love the movies based on his books though, if that counts for anything. I loved your letter, and now I really want to read his 'On Writing'! I look forward to reading your novel someday too <3

    • I know the feeling. Since reading On Writing I have bought two more of his books and should seriously get into reading them now! I haven't seen any of the movies either, so you're ahead of me on that count. Thank you, Kara. Hopefully, one day my novel will be a published <3

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