Hoarding Catastrophe: So Many Books, So Little Time

Hoarding Catastrophe: So Many Books, So Little Time

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend this week!

When it came to my Hoarding Catastrophe, I wanted to have been able to claim I bought fewer books and that my haul for this month was smaller than ever. And it had been like that… until last week when I suddenly acquired all the books. That aside, I still believe I received fewer books then usual. So here we go!

Bookish Things: My ploy for this month was to spend money buying bookish merchandise and bookish things instead of actual books. It didn’t really work because this time round I just bought both >.> I really love this new necklace though!

The books: I am not sure how many have noticed but in an attempt to buy fewer books I have been getting graphic novels quite a lot. Well, my sister is superhero crazy and she must be infecting me a bit because I got there four comics this month as well! I also got some lovely books. I have already read The Maze Runner series but I love them so much, so I wanted to own them and do a reread. I also am almost finished reading Clockwork Angel so I got the rest of the series!

The Kill Order – James Dashner
The Maze Runner – James Dashner
The Scorch Trials – James Dashner
The Death Cure – James Dashner
Delirium – Lauren Oliver 
Welcome, Reluctant Stranger – E. Journey 
Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare
Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare
Sally’s Candy Addiction – Sally McKenney 
Freebie! I only got one of these. This mystery looked too good to pass up. 
52 Steps to Murder – Steve Demaree
Review Copies! This is the fewest amount of review copies I have gotten for a month in a while! Which makes me feel quite happy. 3 of the eight are graphic novels as well, which means I will race through them. So even though my physical haul was pretty big, my ebook one was much smaller than usual. 

Inconceivable – Tegan Wren
Angelus – Sabrina Benulis 
Daughters of Ruin – K. D. Castner   
The Way I Used to Be – Amber Smith 
Draw the Line – Laurent Linn
Frankenstein Underground – Mike Mignola 
Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon – Sylvain Cordurie
The Bathory Curse – Renee Lake 
Olivia’s Question: What books have you recently bought?
Olivia-Savannah x

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