How to be a Fangirl 101

How to be a Fangirl 101
Hey there everyone!
I have been meaning to make a post like this for ages. Simply because I love fangirling. The best thing about the book blog community is that we are basically all fangirls (or fanboys) of books and love reading and consuming them constantly. But there are some other things that I am a fan of, such as movies and so on. I wanted to share some of the fangirl things I have obtained over the years (please note the years. I’m not actually this rich and can’t really afford all these fangirling stuffs). I might leave a phew links to where I found them as well! 
If you wanted to rename this blog post, it would also be okay to call it: What years of scrolling Pinterest has accumulated into.
Are you a lover of movies? Sure, we all buy the DVD, but what about the Soundtrack?

I love watching movies, especially musicals. I do a few movie reviews on this blog but not nearly enough to keep up with all the movies I watch! I love getting the soundtrack because it means that even when I am working and focusing on something else, I can relive bits of the movie through the music. My Dreamgirls and Thor: The Dark World soundtracks testify to it! (Check to see if the soundtrack has words first. I do love my instrumentals, but not everyone does.)
At some point I got a Thor hammer necklace off of Etsy as well. I like it because it says ‘Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of… Thor’.
Posters! Hang your fangirlness on the wall. 

My parents had a big problem with posters for a long time and didn’t want us to have any. Instead my walls were covered with paintings, childhood crafts and photographs. Although I still do have all these things, now I have two posters as well. I would leave links but both of these posters were in fact, freebies. The Antman one (which I kept because it was more so an Ironman one) was a freebie from the cinema when we went to the Antman premiere. Also, the Batman one came as part of a comic. So yes, you can buy posters but by chance you might end up getting a couple of freebies!

Be crafty! Or find crafty best friends

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I’ve grown up watching the show and Tennant is my all time favourite. But you don’t have to go all out and buy things to be a fangirl! Sometimes you might be blessed with a wonderful crafty talent. Or your friends may be so blessed. These three things below were actually made by some of my best friends who I love like crazy πŸ™‚ One of them made the mini-TARDIS out of cardboard and paper as a secret santa wrapping which I was never ever going to chuck away. And for my 16th birthday earlier this year, they each made me a Doctor Who themed pillow. One of them is a TARDIS and the other is David Tennant. It made me SO happy! Who else gets to claim they cuddle with Ten every night?

Wear it!

Like you’ve already seen with the Thor necklace, jewelry is a great way to also showcase your dedication. I have some TARDIS earrings which I got when I started blogging all the way back in this post. I’ve made a few fangirl friends just by seeing their fandom jewelry and making a little compliment comment. 

Another way of wearing it is through t-shirts. A lot of people have cool shirts of their favourite bands which is something I haven’t done yet! But I do have this Minho maze runner shirt which I got again, for my birthday. It is the actor of Minho (my favourite character) who is made up from lines which include him of the book. I thought that was pretty cool. 
Baggin’ it. 

Bags are another way of doing this. I can’t link the reading one because it was really cheap from my local bookstore. And the Monsters Inc one was basically the cheapest thing in the Disneyland Paris Giftshop. That place was so expensive and I need cheap things, okay?  But I know a lot of merchandise online shops like Redbubble and Etsy do bags like these!

But ultimately? The only thing you really need to do to be a fangirl is to scream and flail every time someone mentions your fandom. And proceed to talk about it endlessly. 

Olivia’s Question: What are your fandoms?

Olivia-Savannah x

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