November Life Update (a.k.a Life 1 Olivia 0)

November Life Update (a.k.a Life 1 Olivia 0)

Hello there! 

Today is one of those raw blog posts which you don’t get too often from me. Basically, that means I have no blog posts prescheduled and as soon as I am done writing this one it is going to be posted. I used to do this all the time, but now planning really is needed if I am going to keep this blog up. So I should really get some posts planned >.>

Happy December! First of all, I want to apologise for not being as present as usual. I’m not sharing my posts and interacting on social media as much, simply because I don’t have the time. I have been commenting back, but I usually go and visit some of the blogs I follow with no cause or reason to as well. I am hoping that after my exams and when the holiday begins, I can start doing that again. I hope you’ll keep reading nonetheless!


This is a long overdue blog post, so I will be going pretty far back when it comes to the dates of things that have happened in which month. The first thing that happened was my MYP ceremony. MYP is a secondary school course you take for 5 years. It’s part of the IB (international) schooling system. At the end of the five years you get some points depending on your grades and how well you did in all your subjects. I managed to get 45 out of 49 points, which slotted me into the top 3 students with the highest score! I also won an academic award which is for academic endeavor. There were three awards which you could win and this just made me so happy. 

October 31st 

Unfortunately, on the 31st of October my grandfather passed away. He had been battling cancer for a while now and also had dementia, so we were expecting his passing but not so soon. It was a really tough weekend that one, and it was so hard to see him go. Mid-November I went to England for his funeral and I am so happy to say it was a well worthy service of remembering him. I think he would have been proud if he could have attended and seen all the people who care and miss him. 


The month has been entirely too hectic for me. As well as going to three book festivals and buying WAY too many books, I also had to catch up on school that I had missed due to being abroad for a while and decided to do Nanowrimo. If you don’t know, NaNoWriMo is where you write 50,000 words of your novel in a month. I’d been lagging behind for quite a while, but I managed to win my fourth Nano this year, and it makes me very happy to have done so! I have half a first draft of a Snow White fantasy retelling that includes dragons now, and will slow down as I write the other half.


As well as that, life in general has been slapping me in the face. I’ve started to co-blog at the wonderful These Writerly Conundrums with some brilliant girls, keeping up with this blog three times a week, and also posting a youtube video once a week. As well as that and really getting into instagram (I’m basically there every day) my blogging life has been full. Add in school, basketball, and work I have been super busy. 

There’s also a writing competition open at These Writerly Conundrums! Click the link to enter!

December? What to expect!

Despite everything, I have been trying to plan some fun things for December! I have a blog hop coming up where I want to give back a bit to you lovely readers with. I also have plans to start a wrap up and TBR meme because I actually want to manage my 2016 reading challenge of burning through as many of my physical unread books as possible properly. I will be trying to post more videos if I can slot in the time as well. I’ll be going to England for Christmas to be with family, so you might also expect a little hiatus. And I shall be reviewing my first ever book of poetry on the blog as well!

Olivia’s Question: How has November treated you? Any plans for the rest of the year?

Olivia-Savannah x

30 thoughts on “November Life Update (a.k.a Life 1 Olivia 0)”

  • Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I totally relate to being hectic lately. Sometimes we just have to take a step back from our blogging duties and take care of other things in our lives. Either way, I'm always happy to read your posts when you do have the time to write them πŸ™‚

  • Don't worry about being busy. Life gets busy sometimes. Just take your time and good luck on your exams!! Also congratulations on your academic results and on winning NaNoWriMo!

    I am really sorry about your grandfather's passing, but I hope you are okay.

    My November was really busy – I opened my Etsy shop and worked a lot on that, and I did slack on the blog because… life.

    I hope you will have a lovely December!

  • Whoohoo! Congratulations, Olivia on being the top 3 in your MYP ceremony! Don't stress too much on entertaining us readers. While I truly enjoy all your posts, I also understand that life happens when your busy planning. So, enjoy your time in England (so jealous) and come back to us renewed and refreshed. Have safe travels my dear!

  • Congratulations on completing Nanowrimo, well done! Sorry to hear about the passing of your grandfather, sounds like he was much loved. All the best, thanks so much for stopping by Kyrosmagica and checking out my most recent review. πŸ™‚

  • A huge congratulations are in order. Top 3? That's wonderful, Olivia.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. May he rest in peace.

    You have a lot on your plate. I admire you for your perseverance. Good luck with your exams.

  • Congratulations on your award sweetie! That's so amazing!
    Sounds like life has been pretty intense for you lately, but you know what they say, good things are right around the corner!
    I hope December treats you really really well! And I can't wait to keep reading and keeping up with your blog xxxx

  • Oh honey. I'm so sorry to hear of your Grandfather passing. Congratulations on the rest of your achievements though. I know it's bittersweet, but I'm sure he's happy for you. I hope December will treat you well. <3

  • I'm so sorry for your loss Olivia. I hope you and your family are well. I know how hard it can be πŸ™‚ but I also want to congratulate you on your academic achievements. Hurray for you girl!!!! and of course you get an extra hurray for NaNoWriMo. Seriously, I don't know how people can do it but your story sounds amazing! Dragons? YES!
    And don't worry about not being as present as usual; it's completely understandable and I hope you can manage to complete your 2016 reading challenge πŸ™‚
    My November wasn't the greatest because it felt like it would never end but I don't have much plans for Crhistmas and December. I love this time of the year but I also hate how hectic it is

  • Hi – Well, congratulations on being into the top three students with the highest score! You've done an amazing job. I am sorry to hear of your Grandfather's passing. Take care, Olivia.
    @dino0726 fromΒ 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

  • Congrats on you academic achievements! You know I've been reading and reviewing my butt off these last few months, and it's partly due to real life sucking for me. November was hard for me, particularly yesterday, as it was the 3rd anniversary of my mother's death. Cancer sucks, so I know how you feel about your grandfather. You'll be in my prayers tonight. You've got a lot of stuff going on, so I hope you manage it well and don't get stressed out (like me)!

  • Oh wow, Olivia! Congrats on your awesome grades and award. I don't know where you get the time to do all the blogging, YouTube, reading 78 books in a year besides studying, working and having a life. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, it must have been tough for you to be so far away while he was struggling to fight off cancer. You're such a busy bee that you've become an example for me to follow. I barely have time to blog 3 times a week and I'm only dealing with a full time job. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll be very successful in everything you start. Lots of love, Eli.

    • Thank you Eli! Sometimes it isn't easy and I get really tired though. It was difficult, but in the summer we did get to spend a lot of time with him which was really good. I don't think only a full time job is an 'only' thing! Jobs can be time consuming!

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