Open and Read (Review & Giveaway!)

Open and Read (Review & Giveaway!)
Title: Open and Read
Author: James P. Burns III
Publisher:  Self-published
Published Date:  14th
October 2015
Rating: 5 stars
*Thanks to the author for the copy for review*
Synopsis: This book is merely encouragement,
Guidance, and direction—
A collection of ideas
That are intended for reflection—
With a simple purpose,
Messages to take and read
If the day becomes a struggle.
Recall this dreamer’s creed.

If you’re willing to set sail,
The sea will push you around;
The sky overhead may turn quite dark
While the waves break you down.
Although you might be beaten and bruised,
You must remain on course;
The storm will soon run out of rain,
And the wind will calm its source.

When you finally reach the land,
You’ll know it was worth it to explore,
Because the fear you felt at sea
Becomes the courage you take ashore.
Remember, adversity gives life color;
Every challenge plays its part.
Our experiences are like brushstrokes
In life’s grand work of art.

Review: I
loved this book and would count it as one of my top reads of 2015. However,
there really isn’t too much I can say about it. This is a book of motivational
poetry. The way you are supposed to read it is to simply have it. Then, on a
day when you are feeling down or life is getting particularly tough, you are
supposed to open this book and give it a read. You should read one poem, two,
however many it takes to get you feeling happier and also more energized.
Personally, I had a few weeks of having this book in my possession before I
needed to read it for this review. I tried to use it as it told me to, and
well, I have to say it really did work for me!
The poems in this one are simple and straight forward.
There’s no digging to understand the meaning because the message of the poem is
always blatantly stated in the title, and the poem isn’t complicated at all.
Even so, you can tell it has taken genius to write them because they are all
rhyming poems and don’t sound forced in the slightest, which sometimes can be a
bit tricky to master properly like this book has managed to do. They were neat,
they had brilliant moral messages and every time I read one, it made my day.
What more is it to this?
If you’re a beginner at reading poetry I would advise you
to read this book as well. It’s not too difficult. And this one really does
cheer you up. I managed to find some quotes from the poems that I liked above
all the rest. Nearly every line was a quote worth keeping and sometimes I just
knew who could use the poem more than me.
Quotes: “While
worrying keeps you occupied, it never gets you anywhere.”
“Don’t take life too seriously. No one survives anyway.”
“The quieter we become, the more we can hear.”
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