Annabeth Neverending (Review & Giveaway!)

Annabeth Neverending (Review & Giveaway!)
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Title: Annabeth Neverending
Author: Leyla Kader Dahm
Publisher: Self-published
Published Date: 15th December 2015
Rating: 3 Stars

*Thank you to the author for the review copy*
Synopsis: At first, teenager Annabeth Prescott thinks she’s found quite a deal when she talks down the price of an ankh pendant she discovers at a flea market. She soon wonders if the bauble is more than she’s bargained for when she faints and glimpses images from a past life in ancient Egypt. 

The discovery coincides with another new find: Gabriel, a handsome young man who takes an interest in her. When she meets his twin brother C. J. at a Halloween party, she realizes they look exactly like two boys who figure prominently into her memories.

Does C. J. share the heroic qualities held by his past incarnation Sethe, her bodyguard when she was Princess Ana? Does Gabriel possess the same evil powers he wielded as Kha, the black sorcerer who sought her affection?

Love meets the supernatural in this gripping young adult paranormal romance. Readers with an interest in reincarnation, as well as ancient Egypt, will be drawn to its mystical mixture of history and hesitation as Annabeth sways between the two brothers. 

Will her reincarnated soulmate win out? Or will Kha finally find the way to her heart?

Review: Annabeth Neverending was a book I went into not quite knowing what to expect. I’d read the synopsis so I understood the plot idea, but I wasn’t sure whether I would either love it or not. I have read a book before that had similarities to this one, called Years and an Ocean by Jo Noelle. In that book it also deals with the idea of a character who can travel backwards and forwards in time and is connecting with someone there who is going through a similar situation as to themselves, except it is all happening in the past. 

However, Annabeth Neverending was its own story. Before we dive into the plot and all, I would just like to appreciate the font used in the book. I know it’s a very small thing but sometimes the choice does make a little difference to me and I really like what the author used! As well as that, the writing style was nice and very easy to slip into. 

I won’t be able to tell you how accurate the portrayal of Ancient Egypt or the mythology truly was, but that is simply because I don’t know anything about it for myself. But the way this was written made it sound like the author knew her stuff and I would easily be able to believe that this is an accurate story. 

The main character was very unique. Annabeth is a redhead who happens to also be adopted – a closed adoption so she doesn’t know who her parents are or anything about them until she turns 18. As well as that, she has the habit of sleep walking. Not the kind where people are in their own house and wander down into the kitchen, but the kind where they end up streets away without knowing where they are. Those were both some pretty interesting things. 

As well as this, we have the romance which ties into the plot of this one. C.J. and Gabriel are both her eye candy and she can’t decide between who she wants to have for herself. They also both relate to her past in Ancient Egypt which makes things all the more complicated. I’m going to be blunt here when I say that this is a real love triangle. I’m glad it never gets to the point of cheating, but there is a lot of debate going through Annabeth’s mind. On top of that, the two guys have an interesting relationship with each other. I won’t say anymore to avoid spoilers, but when I realised Annabeth’s predicament I couldn’t help but smile. 

Due to her Ancient Egyptian life relating to this one it means reincarnation comes to play a role in this novel, and destiny. But those aren’t the only factors. We get a little paranormal activity and black magic too. It sounds like so much but it is blended pretty well into this one story. 

At times I felt like the novel had a bit of a young YA feel to it. So maybe some mature readers won’t fancy it too much. And the main character seems to figure out things pretty quickly and easily believes the idea of reincarnation. I think it would take a bit of self-convincing. Having said that, when she does travel back in time and then returns to the present, she does have some side effects. So I guess that makes things easier to believe. 

I didn’t expect the plot twist at the ending at all, which makes me pretty happy. The more unpredictable the book, the better (in my opinion!)

Annabeth trying to choose her guy of choice. 

There is one thing I do have to call the book out on saying. It says ‘having a seizure disorder would make my life much easier.’ Within context, I get where she is coming from but just… no. No… it would NOT have made her life easier, even with knowing the situation. I got a little angry seeing that, but otherwise, this book was a pretty good read. 

Looking forward to seeing what others think of this book and more of Leyla’s writing in the future!

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