Crafty and Cooking Messes: Top 10 Crafty Items!

Crafty and Cooking Messes: Top 10 Crafty Items!

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Crafty and Cooking Messes is a meme on Olivia’s Catastrophe all about anything related to cooking and crafting.

Today I wanted to share with you the top ten items I think are best to keep instead of chucking our or donating just in case they come in handing for crafting items!
1. Old clothes. 
Now when I say old clothes, I actually mean the old rough clothes that no one is going to want to wear. I know a lot of people donate their old clothing which I actually think is the better thing to do. But sometimes it has rips and tears in them and no one can wear them anymore. In that case, keep them! Material comes back in a lot of crafts.

2. Bottle Caps
I always keep a bunch of bottle caps! Not all of them, but a lot of them to always have a supply. They come in handy!
3. Anything with fur or pretty feathers
They are the best decoration items hands down. If it is a pretty feather, don’t chuck it!

4. Seashells
Whenever we end up going to the beach I am always mindful to collect some beautiful seashells and keep them for some crafty decorations. Like feathers, they can add nice finishing touches.

5. Glitter
Sometimes nail polish or other things come with little packs of glitter. Glitter is always the best way to add sparkle to a nice craft or a bookmark or whatever you are making! So keep that glitter and use it for decoration. 
6. Old Nailpolish 
You know me – I love my nailpolish. Sometimes it gets a bit old and sticky and no longer can be used! That’s alright. Try adding water to it, and if that isn’t working, then it can always be used to paint some crafts. Once I had to pain a football goal for my Secret Santa and we had no more white paint. Instead of buying some I added water to old nailpolish and used that instead. He was none the wiser!
7. Newspapers
Lots of people chuck out their newspapers, but newspapers are my lifesavers. When anything needs crafty work I just coat the floor with it and then my room stays fairly tidy and doesn’t get paint stains everywhere. Also, if paper mache is needed for the craft then newspapers are perfect.
8. Plastic containers
The kind that I am talking about are the kind which some Chinese restaurants give out to customers? I use them to organise my crafty stuff! So useful. 
9. Old Keys and locks
They can just be used for some really cool steampunkish stuff or decoration once again!

10. Necklace chains and charms
For the same purpose as the earlier one!

Olivia’s Question: Do you like crafting?
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